How To Make A Water Bed? 6 Easy Steps!

You may be curious about how to make a water bed? In six easy steps, you can.

Water beds are uncommon nowadays, but not in the late ’70s to ’80s.

how to make a water bed

Instead of using usual comfortable materials like foams.

Water beds are mattresses filled with water.

It also has a regulation device that can control the bed’s temperature, either hot or cold.

This feature is beneficial, especially for people living in a colder region.

However, water beds are no longer sold because of their disadvantages.

Unlike your typical mattress, this type of bed is heavy.

It is challenging to move around, and for instance, the mattress may rip and cause a flood in your house.

That is what you don’t want to happen because when the bed ruptures.

It could wet all your electronics and power plugs, which is dangerous.

They are made for adults for it is made of plastic and can cause suffocation to infants or young children.

It also cost a lot. And that is why people went back to standard beds.

Regardless, there are two types of waterbeds; the “hard-sided” and the “soft-sided.”

The only difference is that soft-sided water beds have foam or a padded top for added comfort.

But despite the disadvantages of the bed, some say still enjoy its benefits, so people bought and tried using water beds.

It is also said that it is suitable for your back and helps you relax.

It relieves bedsores and prevents from having tingling limbs.


The Process To Make A Water Bed

Despite the struggles of setting it up, it is effortless to clean.

No dirt can get inside the mattress, for it is made of rubber and plastic materials.

You can easily wash its cover, and you could change the water inside.

However, you will have to clean it at least once a month to prevent molds from forming in it.

If you want a waterbed, you must also have the proper waterbed frame for your mattress.

You may put it on any bed frame, as long as it fits and will able to support the waterbed mattress.

And if you have lots of free time, you can also build your waterbed from scratch.

Here are steps on how to make a water bed:


Step #1. Planning the bed frame

Before measuring the bed frame, make sure to buy the mattress first.

The measurements will be based on the waterbed mattress size.

Measure its height, length, width, and all the necessary measurements needed to make the bed.

Here are standard sizes used in making the frame:

  • Super single (full): 48″ x 84″
  • Queen: 60″ x 84″
  • King: 72″ x 84″

The frame should be half-inch deeper.

The side of the waterbed must be two inches longer than the mattress.

Make sure to prepare the lumber and screws you will be using to make the bed.


Step #2. Making the platform

Making the platform is simple for you to have to put the pieces you have cut together.

That is to support the base of the bed.


Step #3. Assembling the frame

You will be using four timber planks for the rectangular frame of the bed.

You will need a wood dowel and L-clamp for this one.

Drill holes of six inches deep on the side and end piece.

Put a mark at the end to know where to put it together.

Put glue on the dowels and insert it in the holes.

Wipe off any excess glue.


Step #4. Putting the base and frame together

To fit the baseboard and the frame, apply wood glue along the centerline of each side of the frame.

Then, lay it on the frame, lining up the edges exactly.

Put the baseboard and the frame together using the pre-drilled holes and screw them together.

Use an L-clamp to secure the bed together.

Remove excess glue and wait for it to dry.

You may paint it depending on your desired color.


Step #5. Setting up

After it dries up, you can assemble your water bed.

Layout the cover first and insert the waterbed mattress.

Fill it up with water until enough.

Then, close it securely to avoid any leakage.

Zip up the mattress cover.

Put your bed sheets and pillow.

And you are done.


Step #6. Headboard and extra features

You may also add a headboard where you may put extra things and decorate them.

Just like any other bead, you may decorate it to your preferences.

Put some LED lights on the side of your headboard.



Waterbeds can be fun to try.

It is different from the other mattresses that feel bouncy and fluffy.

This one is filled with water so imagine floating in the sea.

Since it is liquid, it will follow the shape of your body and won’t feel any discomfort.

However, it may be cool to try it.

It is also expensive.

Other than buying the mattress at a costly rate.

It also has a heat regulator to add comfort to your sleep.

But, unfortunately, this can also add expenses to your electric bill.

Water beds were out of fame because accidents happen to like having unwanted water in their house.

Remember that it isn’t any ordinary type of mattress where you can sleep comfortably without any doubt.

It may burst at any time.

It may not be popular, but it is still on sale in some stores. S

o you can still purchase it.

That is all for “how to make a water bed?”

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