How To Make Water Heater Last Longer? 4 Best Tips!

Have you ever wondered how to make water heater last longer? If yes, then you have come to the right place. Stop wondering more because we’re here to help you out. Proper maintenance and cleaning help you make your water heater last longer.

Every home needs hot water, and mostly it is not available. Not only this, even hot water systems aren’t infinitely filled. There’s never sufficient hot water if you live in a house with many people. And it might be aggravating when you’re attempting to unwind with a soothing bath before night. 

how to make water heater last longer

So, if you’ve been having trouble with this, you’ve come to the perfect spot! There’s much more to learn, so keep reading at the end if you’re interested and want to learn more. Below, we have discussed some fantastic tips that help you make your water heater stay longer. Let’s have fun!


Tips To Make Water Heater Last Longer

Here are several low-cost and straightforward techniques to extend the longevity of the hot water system. All of such tasks can be completed in a single sitting. If you consider these five hot water system maintenance suggestions while upgrading, or maintaining, installing your system, it will last a long time.


#1. Allow space for it

Here’s how to make water heater last longer? Allow enough room for your water heater to increase its lifetime, and this saves both dollars and hassle in the long run. While choosing a location for one, make sure that there’s enough open space surrounding it. There shouldn’t be any feeling of suffocation. This allows you to complete regular system maintenance tasks efficiently. Providing the heater with this much-needed oxygen boosts the air circulation and lowers the chance of combustion. Remove all cleaning equipment like mops, vacuum cleaners and brooms, and other similar items out of the area when you’ve found the ideal location for it.


#2. Set your water heater at a suitable temperature

It’s a simple operation to set the temperature, and it only has to be performed once. If you’re going to walk out of the house for an extended period, it’s a good idea to set the temperature before you leave the house and then change it when you return. Use a wrench and remove the temperature dial lid on the side of the tank to modify the temperature level on the electric water heater.

After removing the cap, the temperature was set to 120 degrees with a flathead screwdriver. Reduce the thermostat by 10 degrees and save roughly 5% on your energy bill. You’ll save approximately 5% for every ten degrees it’s reduced. Set the temperature on the lowest heat or switch it off if you’re going to be gone for an extended amount of time. A valve on the exterior of a gas water heater controls gas flow. There’s a knob on your heater with options for putting that to “Vacation Mode,” which merely lights the pilot or turns it lower. 


#3. Take short showers

Trying to take shorter showers is yet another strategy to extend the life of your water heater. That’s the kind of advice that no one likes to hear, and it’s a difficult practice to overcome. Instead of attempting to alter your everyday routine entirely, take little steps. On weekdays, go for shorter showers and longer ones on weekends. Baths usually consume little hot water compared to showers. A bath requires roughly 2 GPM of hot water, whereas a shower consumes more like 5 gallons of hot water per minute. If you want to save money on your power bill while also extending the lifespan of your appliances, instead of taking showers, it’s an excellent idea to take hot baths!


#4. Add expansion tanks to your water heater

Your water heater’s lifespan can be considerably extended by adding an expansion tank. Closed-system water heaters are particularly vulnerable. Such closed systems prevent backflow into the water main. As a result, there’s nowhere for the water to go when it rises. Frequent pressure variations exert a lot of strain on the water heater, which ultimately breaks it completely. The addition of an expansion tank provides an exit for the water, reducing system stress. This tip is unique, and it surely helps you get more hot water and increase the efficiency and life of your water heater. You may also want to read about water heater checklist.


Average Life Span Of Water Heater

What is the average life span of a water heater? How long can they survive? Now, let us talk about how long a water heater typically lasts. When properly maintained, gas water heaters may last anywhere from 8 to 12 years. Usually carefully controlled, electric water heaters last approximately 10 to 15 years. Sure, today’s most advanced water heaters live much longer than older versions, but regular care is still essential to get the maximum length of time out of them.


It’s A Wrap!

The easiest method helps you find out how to make water heater last longer. However, these suggestions are straightforward, and they might be challenging for anyone who’s not an expert. Contact an expert if you suspect that the water heater requires servicing, fixes, or replacements. You may want to read related articles; know how to get sediment out of water heater and when to replace water heater. Thank you, friends, for being with us at the end!

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