How To Use A Wax Heater? 3 Awesome Types!

Are you wondering how to use a wax heater? Stop wondering and start reading this article. To begin, switch on the wax heater and set the temperature to the maximum setting (102C). Allow around twenty minutes for the pot to heat it. 

Then, select the dial to approximately 70 degrees Fahrenheit and leave it over there. Begin swirling the wax on the outer border of the pot so that it begins to reheat resin wax in the center. 

how to use a wax heater

More wax beads could be added to the area to help freeze the wax considerably. Stir each matter of moments till the wax block in the center has fully melted. Based on how the wax reacts, you may need to alter the temperature during the day. When the wax is ready to use, it should move like honey. Turn the knob off now and turn off the pot once you’re done for a day. Next, carefully cover the wax, put the cover on the bank, and you’re done! Continue to read to discover more.


What Is A Wax Heater?

The wax heater seems to be a machine that burns hard or soft wax and retains it at the right temperature for application. Every esthetic and portable therapist who wants to provide genuine quality service has to have a heater; any other equipment or techniques for heating wax will be less than optimal. Experts may select from a variety of wax warmers depending on the type of wax they’ll be working with as well as the number of customers they’ll be serving, and Beauty Image does have a choice of devices that fit the bill nicely.


How Does Wax Heater Works?

Most wax heaters include an “On/Off” switch, a bulb that indicates whenever the pot is heating, and a meter that shows the warmth intensity. Unlike many other wax heaters, theirs features a temperature meter display. It is a valuable feature because you’ll be capable of seeing the wax pot’s precise temperature.


How To Use Different Types Of Wax Heaters? 

The wax heaters have three different types, Roll heaters, Combo heaters, and European wax heaters. Below are the features and working principle of such heaters, which also helps you learn how to use a wax heater.


#1. Roll-on wax heaters 

This handy tool is ideal for applying soft wax directly to the skin. It’s an easy, fast, and efficient waxing system that doesn’t make a mess. The usage of this device is relatively simple. Connect the applicator’s feed intake cord to an outlet. After that, take off the cap and apply the Beauty Image Roll-on. Experts suggest only using Beauty Image roll-ons upon that device because it was developed for them, and any differences in supplier might create problems. 

Make sure the roll-on is well-placed in the devices and properly fitted. The wax will be ready in 30 minutes if you wait that long. Disconnect the applicator after this period; it should never be used while plugged in. Even for most waxing operations, up to 30 minutes is adequate time for the wax to reach its optimal temperature. If you need to use the applicator after this period, put it back into an outlet and warm it up for 10 minutes. While using the heated applicator, do not detach the roll-on! It’s going to become chilly.


#2. Combo wax heater

Beauty Image has created the perfect warmer. This multifunctional apparatus allows many types of wax to be prepared simultaneously. One soft wax and three roll-ons could be warmed simultaneously and separately. The first step in using this heater is connecting it to a power source. The light indication on the side may then be turned on, much like the other wax warmers. 

Simply insert the roll-ons inside the slot and allow them for around thirty min to heat up. You may take them from the spaces and put them in a plastic container for treatment once they’ve been heated. Place a soft wax can straight in the pot and turn the temperature control to the highest setting to heat it. Allow around 20 minutes for the can to heat up. Return the dial to the middle position to keep the wax heated.


#3. European wax heater

Wax heaters from Europe are traditional heaters. These are simple and easy to use, making them ideal for any salon. Such handy gadgets can heat soft and hard wax and maintain them at the right temperature for application. The parts and directions for the 2.1 gallons European Wax Heater are relatively identical to those for the classic European Wax Heater. Their significant distinction is that they can warm up more enormous volumes of wax at once, which is ideal for busy salons. To use the heater, turn the thermostat control knob towards the highest setting and wait fifteen minutes for soft wax or 25-mins for hard wax to get the right level and temperature. Remember to flip the dial midway counter-clockwise to maintain the wax heated while you’re working with it. You may also want to read about propane heater safety tips.


It’s A Wrap!

We are delighted to know that you have learned how to use a wax heater. These heaters are easy to use, and these heaters have three everyday use types that you can use to melt the hard and soft wax. You may want to read related articles; know how to set heater thermostat and how to replace a water heater element. Thank you, friends, for sticking with us.

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