How To Make Curtains Without A Sewing Machine? In 3 Easy Ways!

How to make curtains without a sewing machine? Well, there are many ways how; and you will know as you read along!

Window treatments that don’t require sewing are undoubtedly simple, convenient, and inexpensive to produce.

how to make curtains without a sewing machine

If you’re afraid of needles, the best thing that you should do is to skip the needle and thread.

Instead, use a hot glue gun to assemble the project.

Fast modifications are simple with the use of clips, be it the usual ones or those minis and with rings. Not just that, you can try safety pins.

I tell you- this process doesn’t require you to sew even a rod sleeve.


Ways To Make Curtains Without A Sewing Machine

My dear friends, here are the ways on how to make curtains without a sewing machine:


#1. Rings with clips

Perhaps, here’s an easy, yet stylish way on how you can make your curtains, and even your draperies and valances too.

And yes, you just read that earlier! This method doesn’t require you a sewing machine.

They conveniently slide over a rod, securing the fabric with tiny clips that hang from the rings.

These tiny to medium-sized clips look like the ones kids use to keep their mittens on their coat sleeves.

Mini-clip rings are a simpler variant that works well for light fabrics.

If you use this option, make sure the size and strength of the rings suit the weight of the cloth.

Plastic rings are more flimsy than wood and metal rings.

Before you buy, make sure to check the clip’s tension and how much fabric it can hold.

A mini-clip keeps eyelet or lace looks cute, but it may not be capable of handling a heavier fabric.

Since clips are so versatile, they’re ideal to hang curtains, valances, and draperies.

If you get tired of your typical design, all it takes is a few dollars and some time to switch it up.

The fabric is also simple to disinfect.

When it’s time to launder or adjust the window treatments for the season, separating the clips from the fabric is easy.

Look for clips that match your furniture at home as well as the draperies, curtains, or valances you’re using.

If your furniture has chrome pulls or finials, leave your clips and rings shiny.

If you prefer a modern treatment, aim for a smooth, unencumbered ring and clip pattern.


#2. Safety pins

If making a rod sleeve as well as your fabric is your priority, try slipping a curtain rod through it.

Another way to make curtains without even sewing is to use safety pins with sizes from medium to large.

Simply fold the top of the fabric down, pin it over the line where you would usually stitch, and slip your rod in.

Make sure the safety pins are hidden under the treatment.


#3. Hot glue

In order to adhere to the fabric, the glue gun’s hot glue is ideal.

It looks and sounds disgusting or cheap thinking “a gunky glue under a pretty curtain fabric!”

However, these things are a perfect combination by the gods.

Since the fabric is elastic, the glue attaches well, and if you apply it carefully (not too little or much), you can whip up a great hem or a smooth rod sleeve in no time.

Nobody will ever know unless you have a very nosy partner, in-law, or mate.


Steps To Make Curtains Without A Sewing Machine

So, here are the steps to make your curtains, my friends:


Step #1. Preparing

Get the window’s measurement.

After which, get the fabric that you’ll be using.

Lay this fabric on flat ground to measure it.

Get the scissors, make sure that it’s sharp, and cut the fabric according to the measurement.

Make sure to leave excess for the height and width of the fabric, as well as the hem.

After cutting, you can prepare the iron, heat it up, then get the ironing board.


Step #2. Ironing

So, in this step, we’ll be using tape.

And that means you are not required to use a sewing machine.

You can lay the tape 2 to 4 inches top down the fabric.

The next thing to do is to fold the rest of your fabric up the fusible tape.

You will need to hold the fabric down; it can rest above the tape, for sure.

In this way, you can have the rod pocket. Make sure to make the right size.

Now, you can iron the fabric, the one that is above the tape.

From the time it heats up, the tape will be sticking to your fabric.

And there you have it, my friends. You now have a rod pocket!


Step #3. Finishing

See to it that the fabric and tape were fused together.

In case you want to place a hem below your curtain, you may follow the steps abovementioned.


It’s A Wrap!

The ways on how to make curtains without a sewing machine are extraordinary.

Now, you already know.

And the steps in making one are simple to execute.

It doesn’t take much of your time, right?

So, what are you waiting for?