How To Make Bed Slats? 6 Easy Steps!

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How to make bed slats

Bed slats or more commonly known as slats, are a type of base made for a bed.

These slats act as a foundation inside a mattress or a bed frame and serve to support your mattress to keep weight evenly distributed.

They are a series of bars that lie flat across the frame and are connected to each of the bed’s ends.

Wood slats are commonly used for beds.

But did you know? There are many to choose from; they range from strong woods such as pine or beech to solid metal.


Steps to Make Bed Slats

In making bed slats, you need to have a basis and a guide to making sure that you are doing the right thing.

Or else you would do this clueless, and you might mess this up.

So better find a good source.

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Concerning your question, we can always try to find the steps to do this right.

With that listed below are the steps on how to make bed slats at home without having any problems.


Step #1. Deciding step

This first step is the primary step for this complete guide. It is about deciding and choosing your slats to use.

If you want to go for fewer slats, you can opt to use the large ones.

As for the smaller ones, you might need more of them.

In measuring, you can use your old slats to be your basis for this, but if you don’t have one, here’s an alternative for it.

Take a measuring tape, then first measure the length of your bed.

Well, mainly, it measures around 80 inches.

Some slats are about 1-2 inches, and that means you would divide 80 by 2, which should be 40 inches.

But then you need to have spaces in between, so you need to divide it again by 2. That is equal to 20 slats.


Step #2. Choosing and buying wood

You must buy a good quality, sturdy and affordable wood to use for your slats.

One example of the sturdiest wood you can use is southern yellow pine. This one is indeed great for slats.

Ensure that you have enough wood, or else you will waste your time and effort from traveling and repurchasing.


Step #3. Applying measurements and cutting through your wood

It would help if you did this next step with enough focus and an open mind, or else you’ll put yourself in danger.

Grab the measuring tool you have used earlier, and then try to place the measurements on the wood using a pencil or ball pen.

You have to make sure that the markings are visible when you cut through the wood.

Using sewing can be a machine or a manual. You have to observe proper safety measures.

Ensure that the width is about 1/2 inch, and then you can cut all the parts equally and use a circular or bench saw.


Step #4. Scrubbing / shining the wood

After you have cut the woods into parts, the next step is to be high grit sandpaper and then scrub it on the wood.

It would help if you made sure that the areas of the wood are smooth throughout.

Again, do this from one side up to the other.


Step #5. Finishing touches

This last step is all about the finishing touches that we will make for the slats before putting them in.

Pick a varnish color that you would want.

We advise that you choose a subtle color or a light-colored one for natural-looking slats.

On the other hand, you can opt to use beeswax in waxing your woods if you do not want to use varnish.

Just pick whatever is comfortable and efficient in your situation.

Then, you decide for your good.


Step #6. Have them installed

You can easily do this last step, and you do not have to worry because this is very easy to do.

After letting it dry from varnishing, you can proceed to install them one by one in your bed.

Put it under your bed frame and then use screws to secure it.

You may opt to have rubber or wood screws for better installment.

Install by threes and then carry out the middle one.

Repeat the process until you finished all the slats. Make sure the spaces in between are all even.



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