How To Make An Air Conditioner Without Electricity? 2 Easy Methods!

How to make an air conditioner without electricity? Did you ever want to experience what it is like to have an air conditioner at home, but you don’t have enough budget left for buying one?

Then worry no more we will help you make it possible without the use of electricity! That might be a bizarre idea to make an AC without any power source, but there are alternatives to keep your cool using simple materials!

As much as possible we would like to help you in ways where they aren’t very costly because we want everybody to experience it without having any problems. So to make sure that every person gets to build their unit with their creative styles, we are here to help you to lessen your worries. Read on!


Methods to Make An Air Conditioner Without Electricity

As we all know, weather changes, so, we cannot assure if it will be hot or cold on some days, which leads us to ideas of making. And for us to deal with the weather, we have things to help us adapt, such as air conditioners for hot days.

Now then, people worldwide come up with new ideas day by day, researching and finding methods to solve the problem with ease. There are ways that we have found it to be effective when making or applying it to something. Thus today, we are here to share those methods with you.

In that way, you wouldn’t have a hard time figuring out the best tools, materials, or methods, especially when making your very own air conditioning unit that requires no energy to let it activate itself. You can rarely encounter these kinds of the appliance.

But you can now search for ways around the internet to assemble one, making it an easier way for us to make our DIY’s sense of the situation we have been facing. Though we cannot assure you that everything works fine. So today, we are here to help you make sure that you do the correct steps on how to make an air conditioner without electricity:


Method #1. Using water bottles and sheets

If you recycle a lot and have no idea if where do you put those bottles to use, then this is the perfect timing where those bottles can be handy. In other countries such as Bangladesh or India  , people over there have developed some technology where you can do it with ease and no worries.

They use it because not everybody has electricity in their country, but they managed to make an effective device that you can put to use despite that hindrance. You want to gather all the items needed to make; this will require you some thick sheets of paper or stripped box preferably. And lots of plastic bottles that will act as the spout for the air to come in and reduce the heat.

According to research, many have said that this device has done an excellent job of cooling certain areas; it can also help cool the temp by up to five degrees C. And once you have gathered all of the needed materials, cut every plastic bottle in half, leaving the bottom part for possible usage later.

Then you’ll want to make holes around the sheets using a knife or cutter following the bottle’s mouth shape to fit tightly in place. Now that you are done doing the job, both parts connect the two pieces by uncapping the mouth first and fitting it inside the holes you made earlier.

Ensure to check all plastic bottles if they are placed correctly before putting the device into place. You can now then put it into an area where there is enough wind to pass through the holes to produce cold air for the people.


Method #2. Using a fan and plastic bottles filled with saltwater

Now for this one, you can do this at home without having to spend any money purchasing any materials. So to do this, start by putting at least three tablespoons of each plastic bottle filled with water up to its maximum limit, then cap the bottles and shake them after.

Then put them in a freezer where you will need them to settle right there for how many hours so that it’ll turn to ice and be ready for use. Why did we put salt earlier? It is because salt lowers extreme temperatures from the water so that it wouldn’t overpower and can make the ice colder. When they’re ready to use, position them six inches away from your fan to get the optimum results; this will cool the air from your fan by how many degrees.



Staying at home wouldn’t be the same anymore because you have now found the ways to beat the heat. With this article, “how to make an air conditioner without electricity?” We hope that you will be able to enjoy your day while keeping your cool. That is all you need to know. Nevertheless, for more helpful articles, click here.

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