What Does The Fan Setting On An Air Conditioner Do? Saving Energy!

Have you ever thought about what does the fan setting on an air conditioner do? We thought so because we will be answering that question. The fan setting on an air conditioner only allows the built-in fan to operate independently.

This mode does not use the cooling mechanism of your AC. There are many things you need to learn regarding this topic. So, without further ado, scroll down and enjoy reading the article.

The Fan Setting On Your Air Conditioner That Saves Energy

Having an AC in your room is very good. So, what does the fan setting on an air conditioner do? You can see that your air conditioner remote has several functions other than turning itself on, right.

I know you are very curious about the fan setting. This setting allows the air conditioner fan to run individually without the help of the compressor in cooling your room. It can turn on automatically when you turn the setting on your remote control. So, the fan will be the only hero in giving your room cool air. The fan setting can also cool your room as it ventilates it.

However, it cannot compensate for the cooling ability to have the compressor in it. This feature also saves energy compared to traditional air conditioner cooling. In particular, the fan setting only consumes 150 watts of power. On the other hand, the normal cooling mode of the air conditioner uses about 1000 watts. Almost tenfold of energy consumption.

Overall, the fan setting only allows your air conditioner to operate using the blower fan without the cooling efforts of the coils and the compressor. Compared to a regular ceiling, stand, or wall fan, the fan setting on the air conditioner consumes more energy. So, it might be better to use your traditional fans in your home.


What Are The Pros And Cons Of Using The Fan Setting On Your AC?

This section will discuss the good and bad things about having the fan setting on your air conditioner. Take note of the things below. You will be learning a lot!


The advantages


Advantage #1. Giving the AC a better workload

When the fan setting is turned on, you give your air conditioner less work in cooling your room.  This setting will allow your air cooling unit to serve you longer than it should be if your air conditioner runs consistently on the traditional model. Its parts overwork and can cause malfunctions that are unfortunate in your case.


Advantage #2. Saves electricity

Yes! The fan setting saves electricity and cares for your pocket. Its feature of allowing the fan to cool the room independently is consuming less electricity than the traditional cooling mode of the air conditioner.

Most importantly, it also uses the ambient temperature outside of your room to cool it. The fan setting consumes around 100 watts of energy, so do not worry. It can already cut your electricity to almost half.


Advantage #3. Mornings are the best

The fan setting of your air conditioner can use the morning breeze outside in cooling your room. When you wake up during the morning, you can feel that it is very comfortable, especially when you go out.

By enabling the fan setting on your air conditioner, you will already experience the cold morning air to your reach.  With the fan setting, the compressor will no longer work in cooling your room. Instead, the air conditioner itself will gather the external air to cool your space.


Advantage #4. Cares for your refrigerant

Using the fan setting on your air conditioner, turns off the compressor and the refrigerant itself. In circulating the refrigerant, it also needs some driving power to cycle throughout the coils in the air conditioner.  So, you are also saving some time in maintaining your coils. In addition, with only the fan turning on, a lesser amount of energy is consumed.


The disadvantages


Disadvantage #1. The fan is at risk

When the fan setting is turned on constantly, you are risking its lifespan to be shorter than usual. The fan itself might be overworking in cooling your room.

Mainly, it needs to work hard if you had a temperature for it to achieve. A blown-out fan is dangerous; it can cause fires and unwanted odors in your room. So, be safe.

Disadvantage #2. Less cool

By using the fan setting, you are sacrificing the cooling benefit of the traditional cooling mode of your air conditioner.

Also, the fan setting may not be ideal for your room if you live in warmer climates. So, it would be best if you decided whenever you use the fan mode on your air conditioner.


Cooling Things Up!

Great! You already learned what does the fan setting on an air conditioner do. The mode only uses the blower fan in cooling your room. This fan setting will not use any cooling processes that involve the compressor and the refrigerant.

Most importantly, the fan setting can consume less energy than the normal cooling mode of your air conditioner. If you want to read more, go here. These articles might help you. Thank you for reading! I hope I helped you!

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