How To Make Air Conditioner Colder In Car? 5 Best Tips!

You would want to remain comfortable on your ride, so you might want to know how to make air conditioner colder in car? This is especially important if you are living in countries like India that experience high-intensity heat in summer.

In this post, we will be talking about the hacks, tricks, and tips that can help to keep the AC in your car at its maximum cooling capacity.

how to make air conditioner colder in car

Most people thought that the cooling effect of the air condition only depends on the maintenance and service of the parts and equipment. Little did they know that it also depends on various habits they do at their car routinely.

Remember that the cooling power of a car’s air conditioner depends on various factors. It includes where you usually park it and the level of maintenance you perform on its components.

Let us skip the technical parts; we will look at the habits you first that can help extract the maximum coolness of your car’s air conditioner.

5 Things To Do To Make Air Conditioner Colder In Car

The goal is to extract the maximum cooling power of the air conditioner in your car. This is to ensure that your ride will be comfortable even in summer. Changing some things in your parking and driving habits can greatly help make the air con in your car perform better.

Now, here are the tips on how to make air conditioner colder in car:

Tip #1. Shutting off other AC vents

There are some ways to make the AC in your car blow out cold air faster. One way to do it is to turn off the vents of the air conditioner on the passenger’s side.

Most often than not, there’s a slider or control wheel on every air vent. This lets you choose where to point the flow of the air or how to position it.

Not only that, but you can also shut the air vent through this. Shutting the aircon vents on the passenger side will let you enjoy more airflow from the driver’s seat.

Furthermore, this will also double and increase the airflow that you will get.

Tip #2. Not putting the pedal onto the metal

If you are stomping onto the accelerator, you take away the power required by the air conditioner to work efficiently.

Some car models will give the acceleration you demand by utilizing all of their power. In such a case, the AC will continue to blow out air. However, it won’t be that cold.

If the weather is too hot, it is ideal not to speed up too much. Instead, just accelerate gradually so that the air conditioner will keep working as usual.

Tip #3. Use a sun blocker on your window or park under the shade

If the weather is too hot or sunny, the car’s temperature can rise to 145 degrees F. The same is true even if the temperature outside is only ranging from 90 to 100 degrees.

But you can make your car cooler if you block out the sun that enters the car windows. With that being said, the air conditioner will not be working as hard if you start to drive.

Tip #4. Air Out Your Car

After you sit under the sun, you can open all of its windows and choose the outside air mode setting. This will allow the air blowing outside to push the warm air out of the aircon unit and the car.

Let it open for about one up to two minutes. This will be enough to air out the car, so you can already close all your windows.

Then, you set the AC’s airflow both to the lower and upper vents. You should then set it to recirculate mode to maximize its cooling power.

Tip #5. Directly point the vents at you

One of the vents must be positioned pointing at your head while another at your body. Doing so will make you feel cooler compared to when you leave the vents blowing straight.

4 Things That Causes Your AC Not To Be Cold

Below are the things you have to check since they may cause the aircon not to use its maximum cooling power.

#1. Not sealing the heater dumper

Remember, you should not allow the air from the heater to mix with the air coming from the aircon.

#2. Restricting the airflow

You have to ensure that nothing gets sucked up below the dashboard since it may restrict the return air.

Sometimes it might suck a plastic down there. This causes a decrease in air volume being blown to the cabin of your car.

#3. Clogged cabin air filter

If it is clogged or dirty, you need to replace it.

#4. Low in Freon

If the car is low in R-134 refrigerant, the car will not be as cold. The air may continue to blow out from the vents, but it is not cold anymore.

It’s A Wrap!

Now you can enjoy all of your rides, given that you already know how to make air conditioner colder in car.

The heat of the summer cannot stop you from going to your destination.

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