How Often Should I Service My Air Conditioner? 6 Best Services!

Regular maintenance is important in keeping the air conditioner working properly, and this includes knowing how often should I service my air conditioner. Thanks to technology, life became more enjoyable and comfortable. Air conditioners, for one thing, keep your house or office cold.

Not only that, but it also purifies the air as it filters out odors, bugs, and harmful chemicals.  The latest air conditioning models are energy-saving. They also have anti-dust filters and fast cooling rates.

How often should I service my air conditioner

An aircon is a great investment that you would want to last, so it is important to maintain them.

Importance Of Servicing The Air Conditioner

Checking your air conditioning unit regularly will help in extending its life. You will also enjoy various benefits if you serve them. For one thing, it will make it function properly, which is essential, especially during the hot summer season.

This will also preserve its efficiency. Air conditioning units, in general, require more energy for them to function properly over time.

But if you service it regularly, you will be able to maintain its efficiency. Meaning to say, your electricity bills will be kept low.

More so, servicing will prevent serious issues from occurring.

How Often Should You Service My Air Conditioner?

So, how often should I service my air conditioner? As recommended by most experts, you should service your air conditioner at least once a year.

The professional will be looking closely at your unit to find out any issues. They will clean the ducts and filters out as well as ensure that the unit works efficiently.

It would be good to schedule the servicing on the same date every year so that it is easy to remember. You can even put a reminder on your phone to be sure.

The AC service must be done one or two months before the weather in your area becomes hot. This is to ensure that your air conditioner will function properly at the most needed times.

6 Air Conditioner Maintenance Services

In this section, you will know the services included in the regular maintenance of air conditioners and how you are going to benefit from those.

#1. Thermostat calibration

Making sure that the thermostat work properly is vital. Otherwise, it will not efficiently cool your house.

The technician will test and calibrate the thermostat to make sure that it is accurate. Not only that, but he will ensure that it is positioned away from heat sources.

That is because if the thermostat is near a heat source such as near your light bulb, for example, it will not be able to read your home temperature correctly.

#2. Inspecting ductwork

The duct system of an aircon is its heating and cooling channel. The cold air is being carried out onto your home through this.

Meaning to say, if the duct is damaged or leaking, you may not be able to enjoy cool air at home. It is ideal for inspecting the ducts during the annual inspection of your ac.

#3. Electrical connection check

Ac professionals are trained to have enough skills and knowledge to ensure whether the electrical wires are properly connected.

They also ensure that no electrical wiring will most likely cause any fire hazards. Not only that, but the electrical connections must also be tightened and properly insulated.

#4. Lubricating moving parts

Without lubricating the moving parts of an air conditioner properly, it might lead to permanent damage as the components keep on grinding each other.

Getting professionals to lubricate these parts is ideal since they have experience in lubricating an ac properly without excessive oil usage.

#5. Inspect coils

The ac unit will not operate the way it used to be if the coil is obstructed or dirty. That is because undue stress will be put on the ac unit, causing it to malfunction. Furthermore, it causes your electricity bill to increase.

But if you have cleaned by the ac technician, then the system will run smoothly. You can also get the evaporator coil cleaned and inspected to ensure that it will be working properly.

This particular coil absorbs the heat in the air; thereby, it will recirculate cool air at your house. But if the evaporator coil is dirty, it needs to work even harder in cooling the air. This will put more strain on the ac system.

#5. Condensate its drain line

You should clear the condensate drain line regularly. This component is responsible for eliminating the moisture that the evaporator coil collected.

The humidity that has to be removed from the system is converted into water by the evaporator coil. So if the condensate line is clogged, it may result in mold, moisture, and leaks. The technician can help in ensuring that there are no cracks or leaks.

Otherwise, they will repair those leaks or cracks to prevent further damage.

It’s A Wrap!

Now, you know the answer to the question: How often should I service my air conditioner?

Remember that if you have your air conditioner inspected at least once every year, you will reduce your electricity bills since it will operate efficiently.

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