How To Make A Robe Out Of A Bedsheet? 2 Easy Ways!

How to make a robe out of a bedsheet? Unfortunately, there are few steps for you to do to transform a bedsheet into a robe.

However, you will be knowing it as you read this article.

how to make a robe out of a bedsheet

Resourcefulness and creativeness are skilled people must have in today’s society.

Yet, sometimes, we tend to lack some materials in our homes.

Thus, thinking about innovating an old item such as a bedsheet is a bright and right idea to make.

However, what is a robe?

A robe is a lengthy, flowy gown or outer clothing used by males and females as ceremonial attire, formal vestment, or office gear.

Robes have different types; they are bathrobe, gown, lingerie, kimono, toga, and the like.

This article will only focus on the two types of robes which are the kimono and the toga.

Then, it will discuss their steps.

Just like a bedsheet, a robe is cozy and comfortable.

Thus, a bed sheet would be a great alternative.

If you want to know how to make a kimono robe and toga robe out of a bedsheet, keep on reading!


Ways To Make A Robe Out Of A Bedsheet

How to make a robe out of a bedsheet?

You can transform a simple bed sheet into a robe in just a few minutes.

However, the steps vary depending on the type of robe you desire to make.

Here are the two types of robes and some steps you need to remember:


Bed sheet into a toga robe

In a hurry, your bed sheet may be used as a costume or as minimum attire for a party.

The classic toga-style robe is the simplest of the bed sheet robe choices.

It will cover the basics, and all you will need is a laurel hat to appear like you just wandered out from Roman Times.

Here are the steps:


Step #1. Prepare the materials and start folding

Spread a perfectly ironed twin or entire bed sheet horizontally in front of you.

Next, fold it to the proper length from your upper waistline to the foot of the mattress.

The bottom of the bedsheet should be between the top ankles and the knees.

However, everything depends on the style you want to achieve.


Step #2. Start wrapping

Once the measurement is correct, wrap the mattress across your waist as if it were the belt of a pair of jeans.

Then, put the sheet together specifically in front towards one side direction.

Depending on your body structure, it may wrap your waist around either once or twice.

Next, hang the section of the sheet from your waist.


Step #3. Secure your robe

Fix the spot where the layers of the bedsheet meet with at least two safety pins, keeping a part of the sheet swinging loose.

With the aid of the pins, make sure the sheet is secure enough to prevent it from falling over your hips and onto the floor as you move.

If you felt like it loosens, use another pin to re-pin the blanket and secure it.

Make sure it is long enough to touch the ground.


Step #4. Design your robe

Grab the linen piece dangling to the ground and fling it over to the other shoulder from the closest hip.

The sheet must fall loosely throughout the chest, concealing one shoulder while letting the other be exposed.

The length must be long enough to wrap across the waist on one side and then over the shoulder.


Step #5. Final step

Tuck the tip of the cloth slung over the shoulder into the waist.

Attach the sheet to the waist of the robe with two more safety pins for further durability.

This step will keep the top portion of the cloth in place as you walk around.


Bed sheet into a kimono robe

The kimono is a traditional Japanese garment whose beauty and elegance have enchanted people all over the world.

It consists of full-length T-shaped robes with long sleeves.

It is a decorative belt worn by both men and women.

Using a bedsheet, you can make a Kimono robe!

Here are the following steps:


Step #1. Cut and create a pattern

First, get your old bed sheet to be used as the primary material and prepare it next to your robe to serve as the guide to make a pattern.

Make one rectangular shape for the back of the robe and two rectangular shapes for the front.

To create a V-shaped in the center of the robe, put the two rectangular clothes.

For the sleeves, cut another two rectangular-shaped pieces and fold them.


Step #2. Sew

Sew all the pieces you cut from the blanket.

Do not forget to pin them together.

Make sure to make holes for your arms.


Step #3. Hem the edges

Cut a three inches wide and long piece and sew it around the neckline of the robe.

Then, fold the tip of the robe and sew to hem it.

Lastly, use the materials left from the blanket to make a belt.



How to make a robe out of a bedsheet?

Making of robe out of a bed sheet is an easy and convenient process.

However, steps depend on the type of robe you will make.

Bed sheets are suitable for making robes as it is made of cotton.

Thus, you can use your creativity and skill.

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