How To Make A Round Bed? 4 Easy Steps!

How to make a round bed? Have you wanted a round bed for your home to add more aesthetics?

Yet, you cannot avail of one because it is pricey or unavailable in the market?

how to make a round bed

Rounds beds are strange sometimes because you cannot see them often around homes or other specific places.

Though it is unique amongst other beds because of its shape and curvature.

You cannot simply see different beds.

Some struggle when it comes to laying on beds but with this one.

It is simpler to lay on because of its shape and can avoid.

However, because they are on a tight budget, not everyone can afford to invest in one.

Therefore, you don’t have to be concerned; you can make one at home for less money.

One option is to construct your round bed, which we advocate.

You may also purchase this type of bed, although it will be more expensive than a conventional bed.

That will take a lot of time and labor to complete.

But, the results will surprise you and will repay all of your efforts once you’ve completed the said project.


Steps To Make A Round Bed

Nothing beats a round bed in those areas when it comes to aesthetics, rarity, and uniqueness.

They are an investment-worthy of having and displaying at your house if you need more beds for people’s comfort.

They are unique in terms of design and are also safe to lay on.

Since they feature a circular frame that ensures your foot does not hit any wood material.

These types of beds are thoroughly covered with foam.

That is why many people are invested in buying these because of their comfortability.

Regular and other varieties of beds are comfortable too.

But, you can distinguish the comfort that it gives when you lay on a round bed.

Though picking one is still all up to your preferences.

Remember to choose well so that it can be a long-term investment that you’ll own.

Regardless of your desire for one and the furniture’s uniqueness.

What if you truly want one but don’t have enough money, or it is now unavailable?

DIY is a thing nowadays, so you do not have to worry about it.

In this article, we can help you in doing and making your bed in just easy steps.

Below we’ve listed a set of instructions that you can on how to make a round bed.

We recommend that you also bring a companion over to help you make it done even faster.


Step #1. Gathering all the needed materials

Before making one, you should gather all the tools and materials you need for this project.

Here are a set of materials that are needed to be gathered for you to start the making of it:

  • Measuring tools
  • Old newspapers
  • Tape
  • Marker
  • String
  • Fabric or just regular scissors
  • Full-sized memory and durable foam pads
  • Egg crate foam pads
  • Knife (must be sharp enough to cut through certain materials)
  • Round sheets with your preferred color, design, and aesthetics

For safety, you can use goggles, gloves, and face masks to avoid any possible harm when doing this and to stay protected.


Step #2. Making the layout for the bed

Now get your old newspapers and stick them with tape altogether.

Forming a square that is eighty inches approximately.

This step is required to be done as it will be the base layout for cutting the foam pads later on.

Also, make sure that your string is around forty inches long to take all of the spaces of the circle.

Then, once you’ve cut a piece of thread, tie it to the center of the square you’ve created to aid you in making a perfect circle.

After that, cut the circle using scissors.

When you are done with the measurements.

Place it on the floor where you want it to be built to see if it fits inside the room.

You can also downsize it if needed.


Step #3. Placing and cutting of the foam

Now you’ll want to place the durable foam pads on the sides and make sure they will hold their shape together.

After that, pull them side by side, fill the inner with contact cement, and wait for them to dry for a bit of time.

Then press the pads afterward to let them stick.

Once you are finished, trace the circular layout onto the top of the foam using the marker and a compass.

Then slowly follow that shape and cut the foam in a circular motion to have it perfectly shaped.

Repeat this for the other varieties of foam.


Step #4. Finishing touches

For the finishing touches, layer your foam one by one on your bed’s platform or frame.

The durable one must stay at the lowest part to support the other cushions when heavyweight is applied.

Once you have placed them all.

Sew the mattress neatly and carefully without leaving any stitching problems for it to look clean.



So there you have it!

We hope that now you know how to make a round bed.

Use these methods in the future.

We assure you that you’ll love your new bed.

That is all!

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