How To Make A Portable Air Conditioner Work Better? 8 Easy Steps!

You would want to stay comfortable during summer, so you may be interested in knowing how to make a portable air conditioner work better. Unfortunately, the heat during summer is mostly unbearable.

However, high heat will bring more disadvantages than just making you uncomfortable. Particularly to the elderly, children, and anyone with an illness, high temperature can even be deadly.

Unfortunately, not all can afford to get their homes installed with central air conditioners. Some could rely on electric fans to ease the heat. Thankfully, portable air conditioners are invented, and they have become popular since then.

That is due to its size as well as its ease of installation. As a result, this is perfect for storage areas, offices, small homes, dorms, and apartments.

A portable air conditioning unit contains a system that can cool a room perfectly. Unfortunately, most of them are designed to be standing on the floor. They are also said to have the best cooling system. Usually, they are purchased as an installation kit which is why they are easy to set up.

They can cool small spaces and also allows you to transport from one place to another easily. Generally, they do not require you to install it permanently.

Now to know are you going to make it work better, read until the end.

Steps To Make A Portable Air Conditioner Work Better

Below are steps that will not just increase the cooling power of the unit but will also help you to save money. All the steps below are devised to make the unit work efficiently throughout the entire summer.

Here are the steps on how to make a portable air conditioner work better:

Step #1. Choosing the right model

Remember, different makes and model sizes are required for every space. Therefore, you have to make sure that you will get an adequate model for your room’s size.

Step #2. Location

It would help if you did not place the AC close to the heat sources. This includes numerous kitchen and living room appliances.

Some electronics such as your computers, stereo systems, and television can give off heat. It is ideal for placing your portable air con about ten feet away from these appliances.

Step #3. Multi-functional operation

Many people thought that a portable AC is only useful during summer, but it is not the case.

You may get those units that have multi-functional operation settings. In such a case, you will be investing in a model that you can use all year.

Also, you no longer need to put the unit in storage for the winter since you can use it as a heater to keep your space cozy.

Step #4. Protect your AC from the sun

Sunlight and air conditioners are not friends. You have to keep your unit away from doorways and windows where too much light can pass through. The sun will raise the room temperature by ten or even twenty degrees.

Step #5. Proper ventilation

It is important to keep a portable air conditioner properly vented for it to keep working efficiently. You have to ensure that the vent hoses are connected properly to the window kit and the unit’s back.

Furthermore, you also need to it straight and short if possible to ensure maximum cooling.

Step #6. Turning the unit on early

For sure, many has told you already that it is better to turn on the unit earlier than you need it. This is especially true if it is the only cooling source in the room.

You have to turn your unit on while the room temperature is still cool so that it will not work as hard later.

For instance, if you have to use it during mid-day where the temperatures usually become the hottest, you have to switch it before that time. That is to prevent the heat from fully affecting the space.

In this case, the AC unit will be operating efficiently as it sustains the temperature inside the room. If you wait for the mid-day before you on your unit, it needs to work two times harder than usual. It may not even get down the room temperature to a comfortable level.

Step #7. Cleaning the air filter

Almost all portable air conditioning units have washable air filters. This is designed to remove particles such as dirt from the air.

Cleaning this regularly is included in the maintenance of an AC. Having it cleaned at least once a year can lead to efficient cooling and cleaner air in the room.

You need warm water to wash the air filters. Adding some mild detergent might also be necessary. The filter must be rinsed and dried completely before putting it back to the unit.

Step #8. Proper storing

Once the season is over, you need to drain your water container. Then, please set it to fan mode to ensure you will dry out its interior out completely before you store the unit.

After that, you need to unplug your air conditioning unit, clean its air filter, and put it back in its packaging if you still have it. Then, store your unit in a clean, dry place.

It’s A Wrap!

There you have it. You know the steps on how to make a portable air conditioner work better.

For sure, you will be kept comfortable during hot weather.

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