How To Make A Fan Into An Air Conditioner? 4 Easy Steps!

Do you want to know how to make a fan into an air conditioner to combat the heat during summer? In four easy steps, you can! And these you will learn as you read along.

Indeed, summer is all good except for the fact that the heat may be unbearable. For the most part, summer brings several weeks of smothering humidity and heat to a huge part of the world, and the whole season can remain that way.

You may love this season, but an air conditioning unit is important during this time. But what if you do not have one?

In such a case, you can create your own AC unit. The solutions that we will be providing below will not cost that much, so it wouldn’t hurt to try them out.

This may not provide the same cooling effect as the real air conditioning unit, but this is pretty functional and efficient.

Steps To Make A Fan Into An Air Conditioner

This system will work due to the three main parts: the basic fan, ice water, and copper coil. First, the coil will suck the ice water so that it will become cold. Second, this coil is hinged to the basic fan that will be the one blowing the freezing air out due to the ice water placed inside the coil.

You can even create a cooling system that is mess-free for as long as you do it correctly. In maintaining your DIY aircon, you need to replace its ice once it begins to melt down.

So, how to make a fan into an air conditioner? Now, let us proceed to the steps you have to take to make your fan into an air conditioner.

Step #1. Prepare the things needed

The first thing you need to do is gather all the things you will need.

This includes a box fan, two copper coils, wrench, sip ties, compression unit, ice, plastic tubing, clippers, and a bucket.

Step #2. Unravel the coils

Start by laying the box fan and unraveling the copper coils slowly. The first one must be on top while the other one should be at the bottom.

Step #3. Connecting the coils

Connect those copper coils by using the compression unit. Then, sniff the excess off of the ties.

Step #4. Attaching the plastic tubing

In this step, you need to attach tubing onto the end of each copper coil.

Step #5. Completing the project

You need to put some ice inside a bucket and then stick the plastic tube’s end in the water with ice. Doing so will allow the cold air to flow.  And, you’re done.

Other DIY Air Conditioners To Stay Cool

Aside from the solution above, there are other ways to stay cool during summer. Below are some other DIY air conditioners that you can try.:

Alternative #1. Using plastic soda bottle

This alternative uses tiny soda bottles that you will strap at the back of the fan with a cable tie.

These bottles are dotted with holes. Then, you will put the ice inside them. The air will be drawn through them so that it will become cooler due to the ice.

This solution is fairly affordable. If there is not enough space in freezing some bottles filled with water, you can use ice blocks instead.

Place them inside a net bad. Then, could you attach it to the fan using cable ties?

Alternative #2. Using ice chest

Another alternative is to use an ice chest made of styrofoam and 2 angled pipe joints.

This is huge enough in holding blocks of ice. So your room will be kept chilled during the hot season.

Remember that the bucket must be handy for ease of emptying it.

Alternative #3. Using milk carton

If you are here to look for a compact and small solution to keeping yourself cool, this alternative is perfect for you.

You will need a soldering iron and a glue gun for this.

The fan will draw the air in and then push it through the ice cubes inside the milk carton and its opening. This is a good idea because milk cartons are specifically designed so that the product inside will be kept cool if possible.

You can also use this solution if your car has minor adjustments. Since it is compact, it is pretty convenient to keep yourself cool inside your car even if its ac is broken.

Alternative #4. Using a cool box

This alternative will make sure of outlet piping. You will cut two circles from the lid of the box.

One of which will be intended for the outlet pipe while the other should be big enough for the fan to fit in.

Normally, you use a cool box to store drinks and food. But in this case, you place blocks of ice inside this.

Once you turn on the fan, the air will be drawn towards the ice. As a result, cooler air will be circulating in the room.

It’s A Wrap!

You are given the steps on how to make a fan into an air conditioner and other alternatives on how to do it.

With this, you can combat the heat during summer.

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