5 Easy Steps On How To Make A Poncho Out Of A Blanket

Do you know how to make a poncho out of a blanket? Ponchos can be fab or drab, but if you have the skill for it, you can create one that’s uniquely yours – with materials that you already have at home. If you don’t know how to do this yet, the guide below will help you make one in a few easy steps.


how to make a poncho out of a blanket

Quick Guide On How To Make A Poncho Out Of A Blanket

Here are some easy steps you can follow for making a poncho using your blanket.


Step #1. Find a blanket that fits your size

Ponchos can be made in any size, depending on the style that you want. They can range from waist-length or higher to floor-length sizes that you can wear stylishly. Most ponchos, however, hang down about wrist-level when you have your hands at your sides.

Adults will typically need a piece of fabric the size of a regular couch throw. If you are unsure about the size, always use too much material than too little, as it is easier to trim the length rather than sew on more fabric to make it bigger or longer.

If you would prefer a circular poncho, use fabric bigger than intended, as you will have to cut it yourself. 


Step #2. Fold the blanket in half

Once you’ve determined the size of your fabric, fold it in half. Lay the folded fabric on a flat work area to make your markings. Remember that if you prefer an asymmetrical poncho where it hangs longer in the front or back, you don’t fold your fabric where the edges meet. Instead, make it so that the bottom half is longer than the top half.

If you prefer a circular poncho, map out the cuts you will make on the fabric. Use a tape measure to find the folded edge’s midpoint to mark the center of your circle. Mark two points on either side of the midpoint so that you can determine the length of your poncho. Continue making scoring points to create a half-circle. Cut along the markings to make a round-shaped fabric.


Step #3. Cut a hole for your head

Cut a slit along the folded edge of your blanket. This slit should be centered along the edge to make sure that the poncho sits evenly on your shoulders. The hole should be big enough for your head to fit through without falling off your shoulders, typically around twelve inches in length.


Step #4. Hem the seams to prevent fraying

This step is optional, but if you have the time, you may want to make the effort of hemming the seams of your poncho to avoid fraying. Rough and unprotected fabric edges tend to wear and tear quickly. Hemming will help strengthen the material so that you can use your blanket poncho longer. 


Step #5. Add some designs for flair

You don’t have to limit the design of your poncho. Make it more functional or eye-catching by adding pockets, patterns, or even some fringe if you’re up for it. Your creativity only limits you, so don’t be afraid to add embellishments here or there.


Are there stylish ways to wear a poncho?

Once you’re done making your poncho, think about how or where you’re going to wear it. Even the simplest poncho can be made stylish if you know how to wear or accessorize it. Here are a few ideas to get you started.


  • Over sweater or collared shirt

Ponchos are great to use in autumn instead of using a light coat or jacket. When you pair your poncho with a light sweater or a long-sleeved, collared shirt, it can be a great look to run errands. Remember not to overdo the patterns and designs. If your poncho is printed, opt for a plain-colored top to avoid clashing.


  • With skinny jeans

Slim-fitting bottoms such as leggings and skinny jeans are great to pair with the bigger volume of your poncho. Sticking with slimmer bottoms will make you look more stylish for daytime use or casual evenings. Opt for darker silhouettes as they are slimming, and they can balance out the massive volume of the poncho.


  • With over-the-knee boots

Tucking jeans into tall boots – whether it’s a riding-style boot, biker boot, or above-the-knee number – completes a great outfit. There is something about wearing ponchos with tall boots that make them look stylish and cozy at the same time. Stick with classic colors to make sure that your outfit looks put-together.


  • With a cinch belt

Show off your hourglass figure by adding a cinch belt around your waist. This is especially useful for petite ladies who may be overwhelmed with larger ponchos with seemingly too much fabric. Use belts that are wider than a couple of fingers so that you can gather all the material to create a less bulky silhouette. This is also a helpful trick for those who are using their ponchos as a dress.



Now that you know how to make a poncho out of a blanket, you can create your stylish pieces by breathing life into old fabrics. Ponchos are very wearable pieces of clothing that you can use for daytime or nighttime. While we don’t recommend using them for formal events or over your cocktail dresses and evening gowns, they can add a statement to your staple pieces.