How To Make A Million Dollars Selling Life Insurance? 4 Amazing Advantages Of Being An Insurance Agent

Are you thinking about how to make a million dollars selling life insurance? Well, great cause we’ve gathered all the points on how and why you can do that. So continue reading this article to get a deep understanding of your goal.

Now, you’ll most probably know this but let us break it to you if you don’t; you can’t become a millionaire overnight. But we don’t mean to rain on your parade. The field you are choosing is a highly competitive industry. And, though,, you won’t be able to become a millionaire overnight. But with the right tips, good guidelines, and strong willpower. You can become the first one to be in a significantly short amount of time.

how to make a million dollars selling life insurance


About Life Insurance

Life insurance is a deal between two people. Based on a policy that guarantees: After the policyholder’s death, the insurer will provide a heavy amount to the policyholder’s beneficiaries. In return for the regular premiums that the insurance holder paid during his lifetime.


Life Insurance Agents

Yes, let’s discuss your role as an insurance agent. Well, let us see how to make a million dollars selling life insurance. Firstly, you require a license to sell insurance. Then it is your choice you can either work for an insurance company and sell their policies. Or, you can strive to be more

independent and sell insurance policies of various companies. Furthermore, you’ll get paid based on your commission that means the more clients you get, the more you earn. Here’s the thing your amount of success in this field is directly proportional to the number of efforts you put in.


How tough is this career?

Just like every other career, this has its ups and downs as well. Though becoming a well-renowned agent will get you making some figures. Unfortunately, the journey to becoming that agent is quite arduous. Now, this is one of the reasons the burnout rate in this field is very high. With more than a whopping 90% of new agents quitting the business within the first year. And when you make it in this business, now the real deal is to sustain your career.


Pros of this business

Reading all that gloomy stuff above must have had you reconsidering your decision. And asking yourself, can I make a million dollars selling life insurance? Of course, you can! We have our bright and strong points too. Here are some of the benefits and advantages of selling life insurance:


Advantage#1. There are lot’s of insurance sales job

Life insurance sales jobs are plentiful that means you don’t have to compete or fight to get a chance. There are many insurance companies and they take almost everyone, so, you don’t have to worry because you have a huge chance getting hired. Everyone in this career is getting an equal platform. All they need to do is stand out and prove themselves.


Advantage #2. You don’t need to go to college to be an insurance agent

 This profession doesn’t require you to drown in student debt from the start. No, you don’t have to meet any educational requirements besides a high school diploma. Only in a few states, they require you to take a licensing course which is super easy.


Advantage #3. The percentage you get is higher

Another thing is the sale commission percentages for life insurance are comparatively higher than any other insurance sales. Moreover, you have complete work freedom, and your hard work pays off. For instance, a person who earns a fixed amount per hour might work as much or as little as much as they can but will get paid the same amount. However, this is not the case for you.


Advantage #4. The recession got nothing on the insurance industry

An example that we can give you is the COVID-19 pandemic. Unfortunately, many businesses got shut down because the economic situation; made it too difficult to recover their losses. But people still needed their health insurance. And, this is the exact reason it is vital to invest your time and money in a business that possesses recession resistance. You might wonder why people avail life insurance agent, well here is an article for that: 5 benefits of having a life insurance agent.


The Golden Way

Are you familiar with passive income? If you’re not, it is alright. Remember, this is the true secret to becoming a millionaire. Yes, we’re saying this about passive income. Learn what is passive income and how to make passive income in this other article. Regardless, here is a quick definition for you:


What is passive income?

The easy way to understand passive income is earning money by adding little to no effort. Rich people do not have to work for or chase every single penny they earn. Instead, they set a successful system that helps them gain profit. And, insurance is a way to do this because once you sell a policy, you continue to profit from the renewal commissions.

The way this works is. For instance, you manage to convince a client to get a whole life policy. Now, as long as they pay their monthly premiums. You’re going to earn a renewal commission. Though this commission decreases in percentages as every year goes by, you’re still making money before you even get out of your bed. You must also convenience your client that insurance is a best way to save money, here’s how to save money on life insurance.



We sincerely hope everything stated in this article taught you how to make a million dollars selling life insurance—now, ending this article off with a reminder. It is not always easy to achieve your dreams, and it requires a lot of effort, sweat, and tears. However, please do not give up on your dream, strive for it, and undoubtedly you will achieve it. Learn more about life insurance by reading how to terminate an irrevocable life insurance trust. Have a nice day!..

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