How To Make A Floating Bed? 3 Easy Steps!

How to make a floating bed? It’s just like making a bed but with hidden bed legs located under the bed near the center.

Have you ever seen a floating bed before?

How to make a floating bed

In today’s modern-day furniture, the simple room accessories in our house have been leveled up by a lot.

I had only found about different types of bed when I planned what bedroom I would like.

So I came across various ideas and found out about floating beds.

They don’t necessarily float, but they do look the part.

Well, I tried making one myself, and I was satisfied with what I made.

If you are planning to make yours too, stick with me until the end of this article.


Floating Bed

A floating bed doesn’t necessarily float, but they do look like floating.

The bed’s legs are hidden in the center so you can’t see them from the sides.

This idea will give you the illusion that the bed is floating. So how to make a floating bed?

Follow through the instructions below to guarantee successful bed-making.


Steps To Make A Floating bed

When you make a floating bed, you will have 3 main steps to finish; preparation, making and assembling.

We’ll explain each step thoroughly, so you don’t need to worry.


Step #1. Preparation

You will have to prepare the necessary tools and materials for making the bed.

That includes wood, hardware supplies, power tools, and some carpentry tools.

You will have to choose the wood that is good for your bed also.

Some great type of woods to use as bed frames includes mahogany, walnut, and oak.

After choosing the wood, you’re going to use, decide on the bed size.

You can have a king, queen, or standard bed size.

Once you have settled on which wood you will use for the bed and the bed size, you now proceed to the making process.


Step #2. Making

Using a pencil and a measuring tape or ruler, measure the necessary measurements for each part of the bed that we are making.



In constructing the header, you will have to cut some woods that have at least 80 inches in length.

Your header will depend on the bed size that you chose.

If you chose to build a king-sized bed, a 76 inches long wood should suffice.

For a queen bed, 60 inches long wood, and a 54 inches long wood for a standard-sized bed.


Bed frame

Next is the bed frame. Mark the lengths according to the bed size of your choice.

Add extra 2 inches on all sides for allowance.

A pair of the bed’s length and another pair for the bed’s width. I suggest using an inch thick wood.

Cut another piece of wood for the bed slat support. A 2” x 4” wood will do.


Bed slats

We’re going to make bed slats since it is known for its durability.

You will need at least 20 pieces of the bed’s width woods less than the wood’s thickness.


Bed’s leg

Yes, a floating bed still has legs.

Although these legs are not located at the corner they are found near the center to support the bed.

We’re going for an easier and simpler approach when making the bed.

After you have finished cutting the woods, it is best to attach them using some screws and wood glue to have a finished look.

For polishing, use lacquer and wood varnish also some wax to protect the wood from possible termite manifestation.


Step #3. Assembling

After you make certain parts from the header to the bed legs, it is time to assemble each one of them.

First, attach the bed slats to the bed frame.

Use ¼ screws and 4 at each corner or 2 screws for each slat end and another 2 for the middle.

If you have 20-bed slats, you will have to use at least 60 screws.

After assembling the bed slats and the bed frame, next is to attach the bed leg.

Flip the bed frame together with the bed slats.

Find the center of the bed frame and attach the legs to the bed slats. Use 4 screws at each corner of the bed’s leg.

Next, attach the header to the bed frame.

Flip the bed over with the bed leg at the bottom supporting the bed frame and slats.

Attach the header using long screws to hold it tightly in place. Use at least 10 screws attached to the bed’s top portion of the bed frame.

After assembling the bed, you can add some lighting underneath to make an illusion of it floating.

I recommend using some LED lights of a lighter shade than using a strong and dark one.

Fix the bed together with the beddings, mattress, and pillows on top of it.



There are so many possibilities if you know how to make a floating bed.

If you like to make a new style for your room, a floating bed might pique your interest.

To make things easier for you, it is best to do this activity in one weekend together with the assembling and the finishing.

I suggest you do this in the mood and make things faster since you have the motivation to do it.

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