How To Build A Floating Bed? 4 Easy Steps To Follow!

Are you interested to know how to build a floating bed?

You might ask yourself, “How could a bed float?” Well, you can’t make a bed float in the air, but you can make it look that it does.

how to build a floating bed

Such design is popular nowadays, but it could be a bit expensive.

Please do not lose hope, for we can still do something about it. There are also so many ways on building a floating bed.

The sole purpose of a bed is to provide us comfort as we rest our tired bodies. Therefore, it should be sturdy and firm, so your body is supported all night.

But who said that you couldn’t make your bed unique?

If you want to up your sleeping experience, then a floating bed is a must-try!


Steps To Build A Floating Bed

There are so many ways to build a floating bed. However, it would take a lot of effort and money.

But if you are persistent and want to build a floating bed, we can do something about it.

You can always build a bed depending on your budget, as it usually depends on the material used and the design and type you would want to have.

But there are different styles, one of which is a floating bed that has support and uses illusions to hide it or one that floats.

It is somehow similar to a platform bed, but the support box is not visible.

You cannot just say that you want to build a floating bed without enough knowledge on things you have to consider.

So, how to build a floating bed?

Nevertheless, before we head on the steps to make a floating bed, let us first list down the materials and tools needed.


Tools needed

  • A small chainsaw or miter saw
  • Drill
  • Pencil, tape measure, spirit level, and chalk,
  • Safety glasses and gloves for protection


Now, let’s proceed with the steps:


Step #1. Measure for the dimensions

The first thing you will need to do is get the measurements of how big and wide you want your bed.

You can use a standard sizing of beds.

Then, you decide what size you want.

To measure, get the dimensions of your mattress first and make sure that the bed frame is bigger.

You can purchase a ready to assemble bed frame and read the instructions on how to assemble it.


Step #2. Assemble the parts

This second step will be the attaching of parts of your bed frame.

It is similar to how you build your regular beds, but the only thing that differs is that it does not have a stand.

All you need to do is build the parts like a flat frame not having stands.


Step #3. Assemble the base

The base should be a box under the main bed frame. It should sustain the weight of the frame and the mattress.

Square-based platforms are better for this because they can help you can make it balance.

You can make a smaller box than the bed frame and put it in the middle making sure it is well distributed.

But if you want to make sure, you can add another wood box to sustain the headboard.

In that way, you will not worry about putting all the weight on top of the bed since it is more comfortable.


Step #4. Assemble the bed frame and the boxes

After you have made the frame and the box, try to assemble it.

Again, make sure that the boxes at the bottom are not visible when you walk through.

Remember that it is a floating bed which is why the support needs to be hidden.

That is the trick and also one of the secrets behind affordable and DIY floating beds.


Installing LED Lights

If you want to install LED lights, then follow this list:


Step #1. Drill the bed frame for holes

Create holes by drilling the bed frame where the LED rope will go through. Ensure that the light is placed under the structure.

It should be inside to create a floating effect.

Usually, this LED lighting is ready to stick as it already has adhesive just as of a double-sided tape.


Step #2. Test it out

After you attach the LED lights, it’s time for you to try them out.

Turn off all the lights and make sure that your room is dark and turn on the lights!

Now that you are done place the mattress on the bed, and you’re done!

There are many steps on the internet, but they usually refer to a ready assemble bed.

You can build your own from scratch, but it could take some time.

However, our steps involve an existing bed frame and plywood as support, which could be more accessible.

Again, the dimensions depend on what bed size you want.

As long as you have a bed frame, lumber, plywood, and the tools mentioned, you can make your floating bed.

But, we suggest you ask for assistance.

That is all.


It’s A Wrap!

Now, we’re done! We hope that you’ve learned from this article, my friends.

We have answered, “How to build a floating bed?” You can now think of which option you would choose.

It is now up to you to start planning and doing the steps.