How To Make A Fleece Pillow? 8 Easy Steps To Follow

Laying down and hugging a pillow is always a mood, but have you ever thought about how to make a fleece pillow? Isn’t it interesting to have a pillow that looks gorgeous?

It sounds crazy knowing that you get to see your pillow first thing in the morning. But, it might be one way to start your day with a smile.

how to make a fleece pillow

Creating a fleece pillow might be a good idea. The project will help you awaken your creativity.

You might be able to put a letter as someone’s name initial. Are you now thinking of how you can do it?

Just keep calm, have a bit of patience, and keep reading.


Steps To Make A Fleece Pillow?

A pillow that you designed yourself? Great! I will teach you the steps on how to make a fleece pillow successfully.


Step #1. Completing the materials needed

So, in this process, we couldn’t start without our materials. You want to ensure the quality of the materials you need for this project.

You will need a fleece of any color, scissors, a needle, and yarn of any color.

Also, you should have another wool of any color different from the first you chose, a pillow or a polyester fiberfill, a glue gun, and glue sticks, which is only optional.

Some of this is just an extra if you want to put more decorations on your pillow. Nevertheless, it is still up to your preference.


Step #2. Cutting out

You need to cut your fleece from a 23-inch width and a 19-inch height. Cut two bits of those measurements that I mentioned earlier.

Put the two pieces on top of one another and evenly cut them, do not allow uneven cuts. At that point, we can move onto the next step.


Step #3. Stitching the fleece

At the point when hand sewing the fleece, you need to sew just three sides of the fabric.

Supposing that you sew each of the four sides, you can’t top the cushion off with polyester fiberfill.

First, to sew the cushion, you need to nail down the texture so it won’t move. At that point, make a twofold bunch at the edge of the pad.

When you made the bunch, you can begin sewing.

You need to utilize the over-under procedure; your line ought to be around 1/2 an inch over, and afterward go under all the texture about a similar 1/2 an inch.


Step #4. Putting in the pillow

First, you need to flip the padded fleece back to the front before you add the pad.

You can use a standard cushion to place in your pad cover or use the polyester fiberfill to stuff in the pad cover.

Just a few more steps and you will have your fleece pillow.

Keep the patience with you, and I guarantee you will be proud of your work.


Step #5. Stitching the last path

Right after you either topped off your cushion with poly-fill or with a pad, you need to sew the last piece to complete the project.

It would be best if you did precisely the same thing as what you have read earlier. After this, you will complete your task. You can go on yet it is extra.


Step #6. Attaching the letter of choice

Remember when I told you earlier that you might be able to add on a letter? Here it is. This step will help you understand what to do.

Think of a letter you would want to see when you wake up to set up your whole mood.

To add to the letter design, use another shade of fleece and cut out any letter you would like to put on the cushion.

To remove the letter, you follow the letter you need on the pad and afterward cut it. After you can either heated glue the letter or sew it in, it is your decision.


Step # 7. Putting decors

We will be adding some more decorations here. The yarn I suggested earlier will be used here.

In making the pom poms, you need the hair pick and fold the yarn over it multiple times, and a hundred would be great.

Whenever you finish wrapping, tie a piece of twine around it and cut all the circles in the pom.

Cause four, and afterward, use the additional string from the tieing and tie that part on the edge of the pad.

Add more decorations if you want to, you are free to do whatever you want with the pillow.


Step #8. Patting the pillow

Fluff out your pillow fleece and appreciate what you did. It is always good to know something new. Enjoy your morning view with your fleece pillow beside you.



Indeed you did a great job! We have now answered the question “How to make a fleece pillow?”

If you don’t have the time to make one, you can buy it online. You might have a lot of options there.

It is only one way to have your fleece pillow directly hitting your wants. The level of satisfaction from doing it on your own is way different.