How To Make A Box Pillow Cover? Finished In 3 Steps

Learning how to make a box pillow cover only requires three steps. Don’t be intimidated in making protectors for your box cushions because it’s relatively simple. If you had experience making a pillow cover, this project is not much different!

We must learn simple sewing projects like this to protect our pillows and cushions. The latter are used daily, if not often, and will benefit nicely from covers. And since you made the covers yourself, you can ensure that they are the perfect fit. 

How To Make A Box Pillow Cover


How To Sew A Box Pillow Cover


Step #1. Design

Making a box pillow cover is relatively simple as long as you cut and marked your materials beforehand. You can use a cutting mat and rotary cutter to get accurate and clean pieces for cutting your fabric. However, good quality fabric scissors should also do the trick. 


Get the dimensions of four fabric pieces and cut

What measurements will you need for the box pillow cover? To get the perfect fit, take note of your pillow’s dimensions. Get the thickness, width, and depth of your pillow and cut four pieces of fabric accordingly. For example, your top and bottom fabric pieces’ dimensions will be the width plus an inch by the depth plus an inch. 

You’ll also be getting one fabric cut for the zipper casing and boxing each. The former’s measurement is the pillow’s width plus 8 inches by the thickness plus 3 inches. And finally, you’ll get the boxing cut fabric’s dimensions as the pillow’s circumference minus the zipper casing plus an inch by the thickness plus an inch. 


Step #2. Sew

Once you have four fabric pieces, you should be ready to sew the box pillow cover together. You’ll have an easier time sewing if you pin the inside edge after folding it by an inch. If you don’t know where the inside edges are, a useful trick is to cut a notch on both sides of the zipper casing after folding it widthwise. 


Make notches and attach the zipper

Cut along where you folded to get the center point and then cut it again lengthwise so that you’ll have two zipper casing sides. The notches you’ve got will be your outside edges. Therefore, the inside edge that you need to fold an inch is the one without a notch. 

You can sew by hand, but it’s easier to attach your zipper to the folded edge with a sewing machine. Do this on both sides to complete your zipper casing using a zipper foot. After you have the fabric piece that is as wide as the boxing fabric cut, you should be ready to finish your box pillow cover. 


Step #3. Construct

The final step is constructing your box pillow cover together. Pin your zipper casing right sides together on both ends of your boxing piece. With a sewing machine or by hand, stitch them together with half an inch of allowance. 


Attaching the top and bottom fabric piece

Get your top fabric piece, align the cut notches, and then pin them right sides together. Start sewing to the part past where your boxing and zipper casing meets, remembering to make a small snip in the boxing before you approach the corner to get a neat-looking sharp finish. If you’re using a sewing machine, turn your fabric with the pressure foot raised to continue sewing. 

We’re almost done by adding the bottom fabric piece similarly, but check if you lined the front corners and back notches correctly. Begin sewing right before the first corner, and you’ll end up with the cushion cover inside out. Unzip, turn it out, and your cover is ready to protect your box pillow!


How To Make A Box Pillow Cushion?

What if you also would like to make the box pillow itself? The easiest way to do so is to cut your choice foam material according to the pillow size you want. A sharp knife should do the trick, but some stores can also cut the foam for you. 

If you notice an uneven finish on your cut, don’t get discouraged since you’ll still get a smooth pillow that looks good and feel good. Simply wrap the foam with batting as if you’re making a gift and pin it into place. Check the batting’s arrangement if you’re pleased, and then glue it into place as you remove the pins. 



Even our box pillows or cushions also need protection. The good news is you can learn how to make a box pillow cover and get finished in three steps at home. Since you’ll be measuring and cutting your materials according to your box pillow, you’ll end up with a well-fitted cover that will get the job perfectly. 

The most significant part of this project is getting your dimensions for each fabric piece correctly. Make sure to check the described formulas earlier and follow them diligently. Then, opt to sew the pieces with zipper together using a sewing machine since it’s more comfortable anyway. 

You can easily attach the zipper with the sewing machine’s zipper foot, for example. But other than making the box pillow cover, why not make the box pillow or cushion itself? You’ll just cut a piece of foam according to the size you want and smoothen it with batting.