How To Make A Knot Pillow From Fleece In 2 Steps

It only takes two steps to learn how to make a knot pillow from fleece, and you don’t even need a sewing kit. This is a worthwhile project because the finished product is satisfying not only for the eyes but also for use. You read that right; a fleece knot pillow can become a decorative bed pillow. 

Furthermore, you can experiment with colors and patterns to match your decor or bed. This project is a variation of the knot pillow, except you can lay your head in this pillow. Read more below on how to get started.

How To Make A Knot Pillow From Fleece


How To Make A No-Sew Fleece Knot Pillow


Step #1. Prepare

To start making your knot pillow, measure and cut two pieces of fleece, which can either be contrasting or similar, depending on your intended design. For example, if you opt for a standard-size pillow, cut two pieces according to these dimensions. However, the emphasis is necessary on allocating four inches on each side to get a good fit. 

Remember that this project is like making a fleece knot pillow cover for a pillow form. Therefore, you can also take the size of your pillow form and use it as your fleece pieces’ dimensions. At this point, you can also consider if you want to use solid-colored fleece, pattern, or one for each kind. 

Then, lay them on top of each other with their right sides facing out. This is contrasting to making a traditional pillowcase where you need to turn it inside out eventually. Finally, you should be ready to start knotting the pillow. 


Step #2. Knot

For the knots, cut a 4-inch square for every corner of your stacked fleece pieces. The pieces you’ll knot will be the slits you’ll make on all four edges. However, you should stick a strip of tape four inches away from each edge to get a neat finish, as this will mark when you should stop the cut. 

Cut the strips an inch wide and four inches long along the sides until your reach the tape. Do this on all sides and remove the tape. Finally, make a double knot with a top and bottom strip, and repeat until you finished knotting all pairs of strips on all sides, leaving one open to insert the pillow insert.

Knot the remaining side, and you’re finished! Note that you can stuff your fleece knot pillow as well instead of using a pillow form. However, it will be easier to change and switch covers if you can remove the pillow insert entirely. 


What Is Fleece?

The following knit pillow is also doable with any fabric type as long as it won’t fray when cut into strips. However, a fleece pillow is not only aesthetically pleasing. It also feels soft and comfortable. 

But what exactly is fleece? Fleece is not a natural material like wool; instead, it’s a derivative of fine polyester fibers. The resulting fabric feels lightweight, breathable but will also work well for retaining heat. 

Nowadays, natural fibers are even woven into fleece to create unique textures. Therefore, you can opt for more eco-friendly materials. Furthermore, fleece is moisture-resistant and durable, making it ideal for pillows that will last long. 


How To Make A No-Sew Pillow Cover

If you think knotting multiple strips is too tasking, there is another way to make a no-sew pillow cover. You’ll just need some fabric, scissors, measuring tape, fusible bonding web, and iron with a steamer. This is also an excellent idea for throw pillows. 


Step #1. Measure and cut

Like the project above, start by cutting a fabric piece according to your pillow form’s size. To get its width, add an inch to this measurement of the pillow form. Once you have the number, multiply it by two to get the fabric piece’s length. 

Finally, add four inches of allowance as this will become your overlap at the back. Now that you have the fabric piece fold it half an inch on all sides and iron them flat. Please start with the long ends since they will be hidden, and then fold the shorter ends another half an inch and iron them flat. 


Step #2. Bond

This is where the no-sew part comes, and you’ll cut two pieces of fusible bonding web. They should measure the same as the fabric’s short ends since you’ll bond these parts and iron the fabric together. You’re close to finishing this pillow cover, so place the pillow form in the middle. 

Fold the ends so that there is an overlap of four inches in the middle before pinning the fabric together and removing the pillow form to close the seams. Place the fusible bonding web between the seam and iron to seal the pillow cover completely. Lastly, put some bonding web for the small overlap fabric and insert the pillow. 



If you hate sewing or using adhesives, you can still make an eye-catching pillow using fleece. In just two steps, you’ll quickly master how to make a knot pillow from fleece. From the name itself, you’ll depend on knots to construct this pillow. 

The idea is to cut slits on all edges of two fleece pieces and tying each top and bottom pair around the pillow. Once you’re left with one side, put the pillow form inside and tie the strips. You can also stuff the pillow liner if you don’t have a pillow insert.