How to Lock Wheel on a Phil and Ted Stroller

This post will teach you how to lock wheel on a Phil and Ted stroller. The process is very easy, but many people don’t know about it so I wanted to share this tip with you!


Steps on How to Lock the Front Wheel on a Phil and Ted Stroller

Step 1. First, make sure that you have engaged the brake on your Phil and Ted stroller. If you do not engage the brake before locking or unlocking your front wheel, this process will not work properly.

Step 2. Next, raise the footrest of your stroller so it is at a 90-degree angle from your seat. You cannot lock or unlock the wheel with any portion of the rear axle underneath it when raised to its maximum height.

Step 3. Rotate both levers behind each tire towards one another until they are touching (if possible). When these two levers meet, push them together as far as possible while still being able to rotate them all the way around in either direction without coming off altogether.

Step 4. Now that your front wheel is locked, you have a few options. You can rotate the footrest back to its original position on top of your rear axle, or if you are in an area with high pedestrian traffic and would like more stability for jogging, keep it raised ninety degrees from the ground until you get used to its feel.

Step 5. The last thing to remember when locking the front wheel is that this process works backwards as well: simply pull each lever away from one another (instead of pushing them together) so they do not touch at all.

Then slowly lower down your footrest onto the rear axle without letting go of either brake handle until fully lowered into place. If anything seems off when you test your front wheel, pull back on the brake handle to tighten it up. When pushing your stroller along, keep a firm but gentle grip on both of its handles and be careful not to lean too far forward.


How to Open Phil and Teds

Step 1. Push down on both brake handles. Place one footrest onto the rear axle

Step 2. Lower footrest until it locks into place with a loud click and is no longer wobbly

Step 3. Repeat the process for the other side. The front wheel is now locked in place ready to be pushed along! Or if you’re going upstairs, hold your stroller by its top handlebar so that there’s no pressure (or weight) being placed upon either of its wheels.

If at any point the front wheel or back wheels start making strange sounds while pushing, stop immediately – something isn’t right which likely means this model needs some servicing from your local Phil & Ted .


How to Attach a Phil and Teds cocoon

Step 1. The foam bumper bar must be removed first

Step 2. Unhook the buckle and take off the shoulder straps of your carrier. Place them to one side or out of reach in case you need them again.

Step 3. Pull apart both sides of the stroller’s frame, which will allow it to fold down flat on either side (depending on if you’re using a front or rear-facing seat). While doing this step also make sure that there’s no weight being placed upon any part of your Phil & Teds including its wheels – just hold onto its handlebars instead.

If at any point you start hearing odd sounds from parts locking together then stop immediately as something isn’t right likely means this model needs to be repaired

Step 4. Once the stroller is in a folded position, use your hand to push down on both sides of its handlebar. Grab hold onto each side of the frame (just below where it was opened) and pull up until you hear an audible sound that signals it’s locked into place.

Step 5. Snap together all three plastic pieces which are located at the top seat back so that they can help protect your child from getting hurt if he/she leans forward while standing too quickly or kicks his legs against them. If you’re using a front-facing seat then this step isn’t necessary as these seats typically don’t come with any type of protective covering similar to what comes included with rear-facing models.

Step 6. With the seat in either its forward or rear-facing position, grab hold of each wheel and lift it until you hear a clicking sound to ensure that they’re locked into place. If your Phil & Teds stroller has air-filled tires then be sure not to overinflate them as this will make it harder for one to push the stroller along, especially when going uphill on rough terrain.

Step 7. Once all three wheels are securely in place, adjust the front handlebar so that it’s at a comfortable height level that is suitable for pushing/rolling your baby around without having any type of pain develop within your hands, wrists or arms while doing so.

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