Achieving Balance: How to Fix a Baby Jogger Wheel

The baby jogger front wheel is essential for your child’s safety while you are out on a run. If the wheel falls off, there is no way to control the direction of the stroller and this can lead to serious injury or death.

The frustration that comes with trying to fix a broken front wheel is enough to make anyone want to throw their baby jogger in the garbage – but don’t! In this article, I will show you How to Fix a Baby Jogger Wheel so you never have these worries again.

Baby Jogger Front Wheel


Steps on How to Fix a Baby Jogger Front Wheel

Step 1.  Loosen the screw that keeps the wheel attached to your baby jogger.

Step 2. Remove all parts of the old tire and tube from the inside of the wheel well. Be careful not to lose any small pieces as they are very important for proper balancing later on. You can use a rag or towel to catch these small pieces if you feel more comfortable doing so instead of just holding them in between your fingers as I did!

Step 3. Install new tire following instructions included with the product by using a rubber mallet (or another heavy object) until it is seated properly against the outer rim of front wheel assembly – be sure there aren’t any bubbles/bumps showing through where meets the outer rim, otherwise, you will need to remove the tire and try again – check out this

Step 4.  Place a new tube inside of the installed tire. Make sure that you have properly seated both edges against the outer rim. Withhold a small amount of air from the valve stem to ensure that it does not pop through after installing back onto the baby jogger frame assembly.

Be very mindful when doing so, as too much pressure will cause your tube to burst which would require purchasing another one!

Step 5. Install wheel cover on top of the inner side of front wheel (if applicable) by sliding over the edge into appropriate grooves until snap locks into place – make sure you hear clicks coming from either side or around the edge before proceeding with removing clear plastic film covering the adhesive strip

Step 6. Test the wheel by rotating the front wheel and moving the baby jogger in a circular motion – ensure that your wheels are properly aligned. If not, repeat steps one through five until all issues have been fixed or call customer service for further assistance!

Puffy Lux


What is Baby Joggers Stroller?

Baby Joggers is also known as single jogging strollers with three rubber bicycle tires for outdoor activities such as hiking, running or other extreme sports. Wheels on these types of products usually require maintenance every few months to replace tubes underneath tire rims to prevent punctures which can cause damage to users while enjoying their favourite pastimes outdoors.

For example: if you were planning a trip heading out into the mountains only to discover air was lost in your back wheel, changing a tire on the fly is not recommended.


How to unfold a Graco jogging stroller

Graco jogging strollers are designed with an easy folding mechanism that can be done automatically by a user. For instance: it is as simple to open and close this type of product, you only have to grasp two release buttons on either side of the frame while holding onto the seat handle.

If your child’s Graco jogger has been in storage for some time, make sure no dirt or debris gets into the chassis before opening/folding down mechanisms that could damage them over time increase wear & tear. The following video will guide you through an example process when unfolding one-handed from the folded position.


How to remove the front wheel on a city mini Stroller

To remove the front wheel on a baby jogger city mini Stroller, you must first. Once this is done simply follow along with these next few steps to complete the assembly of your new replacement tire:

Step 1. Unfold the frame so that it lies flat and then pull apart both sides of the handlebar clamps until they are completely separated from each other.

At this point use one hand to hold onto the exposed ends while using the other hand grip down firmly on top of either side to force them as far outward toward opposite directions as possible; This will make removing/inserting bolts much easier later.

Step 2. Next, release tension off both spring levers which were previously compressed together by pulling outward on them with your thumb to allow for a larger gap

Step 3. Remove the bolts using an Allen wrench and set them aside. Pull off tire casing away from wheel rim by grabbing it firmly at each end and pulling outward. Careful not to bend or break any tabs holding the tire in place. Grab both spring levers once again (you will notice that they do not have as much tension now).

Step 4. Push inward toward the centre of the frame while simultaneously inserting a bolt through the hole where you removed the old one; this should result in the replacement inner tube being forced into a new position inside the tire. Make sure the bead is seated correctly around the edge before moving on next step. Reinsert bolts back into original holes, tightening down all four until tight.

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