5 Easy and Simple Steps on How to Lock a Rocking Recliner

Rocking recliners are the newest and most popular type of recliner. They provide a soothing rocking motion, which is perfect for watching TV or just relaxing at the end of a long day.

However, many people have trouble finding how to lock their rocking recliner so it doesn’t rock and become an accident waiting to happen. This blog post will show you how to lock a rocking recliner in three easy steps!

How to Lock a Rocking Recliner


Steps on Locking a Rocking Recliner

Step One   – Find The Bindings On Your Rocker. Most rocking recliners have two, but some models can have three or four. They are usually located on the front edge of the seat, on one or both sides.

Step Two  – Locate The Release Tab On Your Rocker’s Bindings. Most release tabs are located either on top or underneath a binding. Press down and pull to remove it from the recliner frame (or lift if you have one that is underneath). If you have a recliner that has two bindings, remove both. If you only have one binding on the front of your rocker seat, remove it and set it aside.

Step Three  – Remove The Bindings From Your Rocking Recliner Frame. Take off any remaining bindings from the frame and place them in an area where they will not be stepped on or tripped over.

Step Four  – Reinstall The Bindings To Your Rocking Recliner Frame. Attach the bindings to the frame and then tighten them down with a screwdriver, if necessary. Make sure they are secure so that when someone sits in your rocking recliner it will lock into place.

Step Five  – Test Your Recliner To Make Sure That It Is Locked. Sit on your rocking recliner and push down with all of your weight to make sure it is locked securely in place. If you are satisfied, then congratulations! You have successfully installed new bindings for your rocker seat reclining chair!


Steps for Installing a Reinforced Rocker Seat Recliner Binding

Step One  – Remove the Old Bindings From The Frame of Your Chair. Unscrew any screws holding them in place and remove all of the straps, plastic covers, or anything else that will be used to hold your new bindings down. Make sure you have enough space on the sides of your chair for the bindings.

Step Two  – Position Your New Bindings on The Frame Of Your Chair. This step is more complicated because you will need to use a measuring tape and make sure all parts of the binding are aligned with the frame, or else it won’t work properly. Make sure there’s enough space in the back to attach the securing clips.

Step Three  – Attach Your New Bindings To The Frame Of Your Chair Using Lock Straps or Screws. You will need at least three screws on each side of your chair, placed as close together as possible and positioned so they are hidden by other parts of the binding unless you’re able to access them without removing the binding.

Step Four  – Put Your Binding On And Secure It With Lock Straps or Screws. This step is easy if you used lock straps, but it takes a little more work with screws because you will need to put weight on your chair for at least 30 seconds before lifting off again and repeating the process.

Step Five  – Remove The Straps Or Screws And Take Your Binding Off. This is the final step in securing your chair so you can’t get it out of position by rocking or sliding around on it, and should be done before any other adjustments to ensure you don’t lose track of how many screws are where!


How Much to Hire a Professional Recliner Repairer?

One of the best reasons you might want to hire a professional recliner repairer is if your chair’s mechanism or internal parts have been damaged.

A piece of furniture repair technician will be able to identify how much damage has occurred and whether it requires only light work, such as tightening screws, or more significant repairs like replacing broken springs.

Some furniture shops also offer recliner repair services. These may be less costly, but there is not always a guarantee that the technician will have all of the parts and tools needed to do the job right. If you’re going to hire someone for this service, it’s best if you can see their work beforehand so they know what needs to be fixed.


For a quick fix to rocking recliner problems, try these tips:

Tip 1. Loosen the screws on all four feet of your chair and tighten them again in order to make sure that they are tight enough. This will keep your chair from rocking back and forth if it is standing up straight or tipped at an angle.

Tip 2. To level your chair, you need to loosen the bolts that connect it to the floor. If these are too tight or rusted out, they may not be able to hold your recliner steady and will cause slippage. Loosening them up should help fix this issue.

Tip 3. Place a stack of books under one side of the chair. This will ensure that the weight is evenly distributed and your recliner stays in place without rocking.

Tip 4. Place a wood block under one side of the chair to level it out for an even distribution of weight.

Tip 5. Once you have taken care of these issues, make sure to tighten up those bolts once again before sitting down.