How To Light Hot Water Heater With Igniter? 5 Easy Steps!

The question is: how to light hot water heater with igniter? There are so many ways how to light a water heater with an igniter, and that is by turning the water dial too low; that’s one thing and many ways to go as you delve deeper into this article. I know you are wondering how to light a water heater with an igniter, so it is just needed that you must take and attain all the ideas and possible ways.

By learning how to light the water heater igniter, as what has been stated above as the first way, you must turn the water dial to low. Then the next thing that you need to do is to check the water heater cautiously, then turn the water heater to On and Off to Pilot dial. You need to do this, then you have to push the igniter button is in need to do as you turn too low, on and off the water heater.

how to light hot water heater with igniter

It is essential that when you have an appliance or, more specifically, a water heater at your home and your workplace, you have the idea of things that are needed to perform when it comes to your water heater. All the information stated above is just an overview of how to light a water heater with an igniter. My friends, there are more things that you should know, so without further ado, let’s start!


What Is An Igniter For Water Heater?

An igniter nowadays is the one who replaces the open flame of a pilot light. An ignitor for your water heater is very important because your heater wouldn’t produce heat or blow hot air without it. To light a water heater, it is in need that you have to replace the open flame of a pilot light to produce hot air. Once your water heater gains heat, it just means that you did well on replacing its open flame.

Moreover, you must first prepare and clean the flame sensor in doing all of those things. Also, very important that you should pull the primary burner assembly out, do all the cleaning, and then reinstall. As a sign, when the thermostat kicks on to start the heater, it will indeed create a glimmer that ignites, wherein the gas was already connected to the heater. You will rest assured that your heater will gain hot air and last longer.


Steps To Light Hot Water Heater With Igniter

If you know this, it is just a great advantage for you. There are just so many ways how to light a water heater with an igniter. The steps provided in this article as we delve deeper can help you cope with how to do it—knowing how to light a water heater with an igniter, especially for users. The following are the steps on how to light hot water heater with igniter.


Step #1. Turn off the gas

Knowing this first step is very important. When you are planning to light a water heater with an igniter, you have to make sure that that gas is off, and if it is not better to and you need to turn off the gas. By doing this, you could avoid any malfunctions that will occur while doing the steps and ways. Moreover, you could prevent damages, uncertainties, and even accidents from happening. Here’s how to turn off water heater.


Step #2. Built-up gas must dissipate

The next step or the 2nd step is you must dissipate for minutes; let us just say 5-10 minutes if there is any built-up gas in the system. In line with this, after doing the first step that you did turn off the gas, you also did turn the knob pas Pilot of the heater to Off position. Knowing this can help you prevent any wrong movements and bad signals while doing all the steps.


Step #3. Start the lighting process

Upon doing the 3rd step, which is to start the lighting process, do you have any idea what this means? To begin the lighting process, you turn the water heat dial to Low, and it’s on and off to Pilot, as stated from the start. Then pushing the igniter button is needed as you turn to low, on, and off the water heater. Then after that, you’ll have to press the Pilot dial downward for seconds, like 40-60 seconds.


Step #4. Hear a sound

After doing all the needed ways and needs that have been stated in the 3rd step, you’re now ready to take another step. It’s very important to make sure that the gas has been lit or lighted if you did hear some sound from the heater—whatever kind of sound but not that irritating one. The moment you hear a sound, it just only means one thing, the gas has been lit already. Then after it, recheck the heater for other observations. Know why hot water heater makes noise when heating.


Step #5. Check if it does light and set the temperature dial

Finally, after you do all the steps one by one with cautiousness, you have to check if it does light. Below the ignition box is where you can find a peek from flame. Check the heater carefully. If it does lit, finish it by putting its door back and turning the dial to On. Once you have finished, set the temperature dial from what you prefer. If, in any circumstance, it doesn’t light, start over again to prevent uncertainties or gas build-up.


It’s a Wrap!

Now, you know the answer: how to light hot water heater with igniter. Five steps have been stated and provided above. You just need to be more knowledgeable and be aware of the things required. Thank you for reading this far. Have a great day!

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