How To Reset Rheem Water Heater? 5 Easy Steps!

The question is: how to reset Rheem water heater? To reset the Rheem water heater, you just need to check whether it is overloaded; if so, you have to take and do the steps one by one on how to reset the Rheem water heater that will be discussed further in this article as you would continue to read. You need to locate the water heater circuit, remove the panel cover, replace the panel cover, and operate it correctly.

Resetting the Rheem water heater helps your heater to work correctly and correctly. If required, you must reset it from time to time and have a scheduled time for resetting. In that way, your heater will work properly, and you may avoid any damages that will happen to your heater. You just need to ensure some things before you will reset the Rheem of the water heater.

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Moreover, resetting a Rheem water heater is very safe and easy. You just have to make sure that its unit is powered on. Then the next thing that you need to ensure and do is to open the panel front so that you can locate the reset button. Then after doing all of the things stated, the unit must resume its operation. My friends, there are more things that you should know, so without further ado, let’s start!


Why Do You Have To Reset Rheem Water Heater?

Why is it essential that you need to reset the Rheem water heater? Well, the answer to that is so easy. You need to reset the Rheem water heater to avoid overloading. Water heaters have capacities that need to be considered and mindful of. Knowing these things can be a great help for you to be knowledgeable on required and must be focused on.

Resetting the Rheem water heater could help you to save time and money in future uses. Once you are already advanced in resetting your water heater, you had already avoided the possibilities that would take place when you did not do something about it just before. Very important that as a user, you do and mind things before then waiting for things to happen after. After all, it is for your use.


Steps To Reset Rheem Water Heater

Resetting a Rheem water heater may sound complicated, but it is straightforward. The only thing you need to do is to check it from time to time and be mindful of your heater. Having it scheduled for resetting is much better. The steps on how to reset a water heater will be discussed. The following are the steps on how to reset Rheem water heater.


Step #1. Locate the circuit of the water heater

This is probably the very first important thing that you need to do. In resetting the Rheem water heater, you have to locate or find the water heater’s circuit. When you discover and see it, check if it has been flipped off. When it does, better and needed that you must flip it on. Also, you must head to the panel or the electric panel. Check them from time to time when you start to operate.


Step #2. Remove the panel cover

The second step is that you need to remove the panel cover. You need to remove the plastic cover and pull and lift it. From there, you would be able to see the clip undo it. After undoing it, you would also be able to see the thermostat in a water heater and your water heater element. Carefully remove the cover and reset the button that can be located and seen behind the insulation.


Step #3. Release

The third step would be to press the button inwards and be patient and wait for it to click in place. The moment you have assured that it is in place and has been connected, it is the time that you must release it. Releasing it would help operate all the things and steps you performed. Just wait for a while and be stay still. This is the third step that you should be mindful of.


Step #4. Replace the cover

Upon replacing the cover as the 4th step, the panel cover perpetuates the performance of a heater. You must return a panel cover when trying to reset the Rheem water heater. It would help you run and use your water heater smoothly and efficiently. It ensures stability and the overall performance of the water heater. So better be knowledgeable about it.


Step #5. Reconnect and check

As a user trying to reset the Rheem water heater, as the 5th step about this procedural article, you must check the gas valve whether it was disconnected or connected. If the gas valve was disconnected, better to reconnect it. Also, as the last step, you must check your water heater to see if it does perform and operates correctly. Be mindful and cooperative if there is an error code on resetting it, and it must be resolved immediately.


It’s A Wrap!

Now, you know the answer: how to reset Rheem water heater. Five steps have been stated and provided above. Just do and follow all the steps needed, and you will do the right thing. Thank you for reading this far. Have a great day! 

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