How To Keep The Turtle Warm Without Heater? 7 Amazing Tips!

Are you curious to know how to keep the turtle warm without heater? You may use direct sunshine, incandescent light bulbs, or water heaters instead of a heat lamp when you don’t get one. To assist in regulating the general temperature of your turtle’s surroundings, you also might pour a lukewarm water tank. A heat lamp may help your turtle dry up and bask by providing the appropriate heat. However, this isn’t always possible. 

No need to be concerned if that’s too costly, the electricity goes out, or you don’t have availability to one. You can provide your turtle with enough heat without using heat lamps! When it comes to keeping your turtle healthy and happy, there seem to be some factors to consider. So, if you’re interested and want to learn ways to heat your turtle without, stay in touch with us at the end. Let’s get started!

how to keep the turtle warm without heater


How To Keep The Turtle Warm Without Heat Lamp?

How to keep the turtle warm without heater? Using heaters, no doubt, costs too much to warm the turtle. But before anything else, why do you need a heat lamp in the first place? Heat is essential to living organisms to survive. Animals, such as turtles, generate energy from the sun’s heat. That explains the existence of heat lamps. Therefore, we have discussed other alternatives for keeping the turtle warm without heaters. 


#1. Use mercury bulb

It wasn’t sufficient to maintain turtle heat to keep the body healthy. UVB, UVA, and rays are required for turtles to get vitamin D3, needed for calcium metabolism. Unlike some other heat lamps, Mercury vapor bulbs are non-toxic and release UVB, UVA, and radiation. They also include created safety switches to prevent scorching and exploding.


#2. Get heat pads

Heat pads, according to some, are a good substitute for heated lamps. We’re getting off track here. They are, first and foremost, non-recyclable. It can’t be removed and reused after being inserted underneath the tank. Heating pads are put beneath the tank’s floor, with insufficient ventilation to remove the heat. As a result, there’s a reasonable probability that the glass may shatter owing to overheating as a result.

We don’t advise our turtle-keeping friends to use heating pads to heat the turtle aquariums.


#3. Cover the tank using styrofoam

The insulating properties of styrofoam are outstanding. It maintains the turtle aquarium hot even throughout the cold by preventing heat in the atmosphere. You may purchase styrofoam at a local hardware store. Alternatively, you may place an online purchase. You should adjust it to the size of the tank. To secure the styrofoam in position, you may use perhaps an adhesive or transparent sellotape. If indeed, the styrofoam you’re purchasing is black, it’ll look so much better.

This is because black is a fantastic heat trapper.


#4. Use warm water

You may also assist in keeping your turtle warm by regularly pouring heated water into the aquarium. It’ll also require a bit more effort. You will have to change the water regularly. So, it’s primarily a band-aid solution. For a quick fix-up, microwave a bowl of water for 60 seconds. After that, pour the hot water slowly into the tank. Make sure it’s not too hot.

But you still need the water to be warm, be sure it doesn’t have any steam when putting it in the aquarium. Place a thermometer in the tank to monitor the water temperatures that will assist you in determining when you need to put the water in the turtle tank. Putting hot water into your turtle aquarium might also help to dilute the water to keep it cleaner. You may also use a turtle water heater to heat water. Regardless, you might want to learn how to add a thermostat to a wall heater.


#5. Use direct sunlight

Putting your turtle tank straight in the sunlight is the cheapest and most efficient method of keeping it warm without using a heat bulb.

Placing the tank right near a large window is the ideal technique to do this. It’s best to put it close to the windows that get the most sunshine throughout the day. Because the sunlight is much more organic for a turtle, it may be even preferable to a heat lamp. Because water requires so long to cool, these can assist in keeping the water hot at night. Heat and light are necessary for your turtle’s health, and you might not give enough to your pet.


#6. Luminaires incandescence

If you can’t afford a heat lamp, place an incandescent light bulb on the upper side of the turtle aquarium. An incandescent light bulb seems to have a high wattage and creates a large amount of heat; thus, it will expense even more in power. When contrasted to various light bulbs, it also produces a broad spectrum of Ultraviolet radiation. If you ever choose to be used, leave it switched on daylight hours.

The light bulb must be placed out from the range of the turtle.


 #7. Use candles

Another alternative to using a heat lamp is a candle, as it can keep your turtle tank hot. However, consider this as a final resort because of the potential for fire. The candle must be positioned a few inches from the aquarium. Stand there, keep an eye on the candle, and ensure it doesn’t burn out. You may also want to read about how to clean your baseboard heater.


It’s A Wrap!

After reading this article, we hope you all learn how to keep the turtle warm without heaters. There are seven amazing ways that we have discussed above to help you keep your turtle warm. Click on these links to read related articles; know how to turn on wall heater in apartment. Thank you, friends, for being with us at the end!

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