How To Keep Sofa Cushions In Place? 3 Best Hacks

There are three solutions to learn how to keep sofa cushions in place. The most obvious involves using grip pads that you can purchase in home improvement centers, but we will also teach you some hacks if you love DIY projects. For example, you can make a ring and hook or sew non-slip covers. 

What if the issue is the sofa material? Leather can be slippery, so we advise that you check this tutorial for how to stop cushions from slipping on a leather sofa separately. 

How To Keep Sofa Cushions In Place


How To Keep Sofa Cushions From Sliding


Solution 1. Grip pads

The most straightforward solution to keep the sofa cushions from sliding is putting a grip pad on the couch. You can use non-slip pads for other furniture and cut them into strips to accommodate the size of the sofa cushions. Grip pads also make a better alternative than using other adhesives such as glue because they won’t bunch up and look evident on the couch cushions. 

Attach strips on each corner of the cushion or directly on its intended position in the sofa. You can use your existing grippers for rugs, and they should work as effectively on the cushions. However, not all sofa upholstery or sofa cushion covers might stick to these rubber or felt pads, so here are two other valuable solutions. 


Solution 2. DIY hook and eye lock

Keep sofa cushions in place by securing them with hooks and eyes. Prepare several hooks and eyes, as well as two pieces of felt fabric. Any other material will work as long as it’s not slippery like satin. 

Cut two pieces of non-slippery fabric according to the size of the couch cushion, but make them a tad smaller. One fabric will be on the cushion, while you will sew the other piece onto the sofa. Align the placement of the hooks and eyes on the fabric pair, and you’re done.

You can use as many hooks and eyes as needed according to the size of the couch cushion. Just remember to mark their positioning for clipping perfectly.


Solution 3. Non-slip cushion covers

If you don’t have grip pads or hooks and eyes to prevent the cushions from sliding around the couch, you can put your sewing skills to work and make friction using felt or cotton fabrics. Cut and sew two pieces of non-slip fabrics and make a quick cushion cover. 

It’s not as difficult as it seems because you can hand-sew the covers. Allocate half an inch of seam allowance and sew all around the fabric pair with their right sides together. Leave one side for turning and add your preferred closure, such as zipper or envelope style.


How Do You Velcro Couch Cushions?

Attaching Velcro to couch cushions will depend on the type of material your cushions use. If you have vinyl or other slick fabrics, you need to reinforce your stitches with adhesive. Some Velcro also comes with adhesive backs of different strengths, so choose accordingly. 

To keep sofa cushions in place successfully, opt for a heavy-duty strap of Velcro. Then, divide it from the loop to hook since the latter is what you’ll use for the sofa, and the loop part will be on the sofa cushion. Nonetheless, remember that your weight will often push against the sofa cushions, so the Velcro is only there for reinforcement and sliding prevention. 


  1. Plan the placement of the Velcro strategically so it will be hidden after you finish
  2. With both the hook and loop positioned, place the cushion onto the sofa and push it hard to secure the Velcro
  3. Add some stitches for long-term security, or opt to use at least two Velcro strips 

How Do I Keep My Chair Cushions From Sliding Off?

Chairs such as those you use in the dining room, office, or even your stools at the bar can get frustrating to use if their cushions keep sliding off. You can remedy this issue with grip pads or Velcro, but not all chairs are also upholstered. What you can do for this instance is to use ribbon strips. 

Select ribbon strips that will complement the chairs and the rest of the area nicely. Then, cut a piece and fold it in half. Attach the middle portion on the back leg of the chair and tie it onto the chair cushion. 

Do you want a bonus secret? Make an X with tape onto the chair for added security besides the ribbon strips. 


How To Keep Sofa Back Cushions In Place

Sofa buck cushions are usually permanent. Therefore, the solution to keep sofa back cushions in place is simply restoring their plumpness. You can refill back cushions with polyester fiberfill wrapped in batting to keep it upright. 



Do both your throwing and seat cushions keep sliding off? In this article, we have gone through how to keep sofa cushions in place using three methods. You can use grip pads, sew hooks and eyes, or replace the covers with non-slippery material. 

If these are not possible with your upholstery, you can also sew ribbon strips and tie the couch cushions. Velcro even has heavy-duty tape if your fabric is slick. We hope this article has helped you secure sofa cushions in your furniture, so please leave any comments below after you try these methods. 

If your sofa covers are the problem, read this tutorial on how to keep sofa covers in place.


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