How To Keep Dog Off Sofa? 3 Effective Solutions

It’s simple to understand how to keep dog off sofa if you consider three solutions. First, we will teach you how to provide an alternative, make the couch less enticing, or what repellents you can use. This article also includes training tips, as we believe it’s the best method to keep dogs out of the couch. 

Did your pet have already damaged the couch? Check this article for how to repair pet scratches on the leather sofa to treat superficial damages. With that being said, let’s get started with the ideal dog-friendly practices for keeping them off the furniture. 

How To Keep Dog Off Sofa


Can’t Keep Your Dog Off The Sofa? Try These Methods!


Solution 1. Provide an alternative

The first solution to encourage your dog off the sofa is to provide an alternative place. Dogs feel comfortable on the couch as much as we do, but your scent is also another reason why they love lounging on it, especially when left alone. With these factors considered, providing a place of his own should be adequate for keeping most dogs from the furniture. 

What alternative areas would be useful? Any comfortable place such as dog beds or mattresses can encourage your dog to lounge on them instead of the couch. Soft pads or even donut-shaped beds can feel special, especially if you place them close to where you usually hang out. 

You can make the alternative spot more enticing by putting your dog’s favorite toys on it or adding a toy filled with treats on the new dog bed. Your dog should get curious about this new place and correlate positive experiences with it. Some owners also leave a blanket with their scent on the dog bed to help comfort their dogs when left alone in the house. 


Solution 2. Make the couch less enticing

Another practice to help keep your pet off the sofa is by making it less enticing. He might love sitting and lounging on the couch because it’s easy to access. Therefore, putting a barrier around it, such as chairs or even items on the sofa, makes it less comfortable and accessible. There are even products in the market designed to enclose the couch if your dog is remarkably persistent. 

Make the couch less inviting, but the alternative spot cozier. This way, your dog can compare and correlate more positive experiences with his new bed. And if this still doesn’t work, let us discuss if using repellents is worth considering. 


Solution 3. Use repellents

There are different repellents available on the market that you can use on the couch to keep dogs off of it. They include mats with nubs, pads that make noises, products that use static electricity, or those with a taste or smell that dogs won’t like. The question is, should you get such products to keep dogs off the furniture?

Every dog is different, but training with positive reinforcement would be better than scaring or causing pain on your pet. Shocking the dog with electricity or using painful nubs does not teach him that the couch is a no-no. It will only stress your dog but not teach him about boundaries. 

Therefore, the third effective solution does not use repellents. Instead, you will train your dog to stay off the couch


How To Train My Dog To Stay Off Couch Unless Invited?


Step 1. Use a cue word 

You can train your dog to stay off the sofa by using the word “off.” For example, you found your dog on the couch. Instead of saying “get out” and hoping for the best, you will teach him the behavior itself, which is getting off the sofa. Toss a treat away from the furniture and say “off” as your dog gets out of the couch. 


Step 2. Be consistent

This way, you’re associating the word “off” with your dog’s action of moving out of the sofa. Train your dog every day and consistently, and as you progress, you can lead him to his dog bed. Always praise your dog when you notice him selecting his spot instead of the sofa. 

Do note that this is just an example of training with positive reinforcement and letting the dog understand what to do. You don’t necessarily need to use the word off or treats during training. In the meantime, learn how to Scotchgard a sofa for added furniture protection against stains as your pet is still learning how to keep off of it. 


How Do I Keep My Dog Off My Couch When I’m Not Home?

You will need to practice management techniques to keep your dog off the couch, especially when they’re left alone. Besides training him, make the sofa less accessible by placing barriers around it, such as chairs. You can also use baby gates or even place laundry baskets on top of the couch itself. 

If possible, remove the couch cushions so the surface won’t be as enticing. Remember that while doing these practices, you should be making his spot more comfortable and inviting. 



Do you often deal with fur, stains, and markings on furniture? To recap this guide on how to keep dog off sofa, the best and most humane methods don’t require hurting or scaring your furry best friend. You only need to train him with positive reinforcement, offer an alternative lounging spot, and make the couch less inviting. 


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