How To Repair Cat Scratches On Leather Sofa

Those who want to know how to repair cat scratches on leather sofa can do so in three easy steps. You will learn what to do with shallow and deep scratches to restore your leather sofa. This article will also include everything you need to know, from cat training to cat-proofing your furniture.

But what if the sofa is severely damaged? It’s best to consider reupholstering a leather sofa if the remedies we’ll discuss can’t fix your scratched couch. You can also read this guide on how to repair a leather sofa for additional information.

How To Repair Cat Scratches On Leather Sofa


How To Fix Cat Scratches On Leather Sofa


Step 1. Identify the material and severity of damage

  • Consult your furniture manufacturer if they have specific recommendations or repair kits for your leather couch to ensure that you won’t damage the sofa with an incompatible practice or product 
  • Check the type of leather that your sofa uses and test the oil or leather filler on a small portion of the couch before proceeding with the repair

Step 2. Use leather oil for minor cat scratches

  • Surficial cat scratches should be easy to fix with leather oil 
  • Target the claw marks with leather oil using a cotton swab
  • Rub the oil around the surface gently and allow it to dry
  • Wipe off the residual oil with a soft cloth
  • Some cat scratches can also be repaired and concealed directly with a leather dye
  • It’s better to use leather-specific products because they are formulated to treat leather safely
  • Popular DIY alternatives such as olive oil or shoe polish might be risky for some leather types

Step 3. Use a leather filler for deeper cat scratches

  • A leather sofa with deeper cat scratches will only be restored if you fill the gaps
  • Use a leather filler to make up for the resulting cracks, so the couch will look and feel smooth again
  • Clean and lightly buff the damaged areas with a proper leather cleaner to avoid fading or drying the sofa that can worsen the issues
  • Smoothen the surface with very fine sandpaper or cut the frayed edges around the markings to ensure that the filler won’t develop bumps 
  • Wipe the leather with a soft cloth to remove the resulting particles
  • Spread the filler over the deep cat scratches with a flat knife until the surface is even and smooth
  • Allow the filler to dry and smoothen the surface again with a sandpaper
  • Color the repaired section with the same shade as your sofa and apply a finish to protect the leather further

Does Olive Oil Fix Cat Scratches On Leather?

Olive oil can fix cat scratches on leather, but only if the damages are shallow. Why does olive oil work? Because it restores moisture within the leather fibers, so the shallow claw marks fade and vanish. 

However, it’s more ideal to use specially-formulated leather moisturizers and products for the long term because oil will only be continuously soaked by leather. Remember that leather is porous, and over time, it can develop spots if you always repair shallow claw marks with olive oil. Oil will only sit inside the leather pores, which can lead to staining and odors.


Will Cats Ruin A Leather Couch?

One must be extra mindful of owning a leather couch if the house has cats. While every pet’s personality is unique, cats typically scratch different items to keep their claws healthy and even relieve themselves of stress. This habit is also related to when cats mark their territory, so the leather furniture can become their scratching post. 

You can solve this issue by providing a scratching post for your cat. It can use the same texture as the leather sofa he loves scratching to become its alternative. But if the habit seems out of the ordinary, it’s best to consult your veterinarian. 


Can You Train A Cat Not To Scratch Furniture?

It’s possible to train your cat to stop scratching furniture. Follow these steps and remember to be patient and consistent:

  1. Provide new activities using toys and interesting scratching posts to deter your cat’s attention from the furniture
  2. Place the scratching posts on the areas where your cat lingers a lot and make it more enticing with honeysuckle, catnip, and a wand toy
  3. Your cat should have discovered the new activities on his own, so be sure to praise and reward him when he uses the scratch post

What To Put On A Leather Couch To Stop Cat Scratching?

Spraying a pet deterrent on the couch is the easiest way to make it unattractive for your cat to scratch. Cats also typically hate citrus scents if you can’t find a product to use. But if you’re unsure about the spray’s ingredients, you can always use aluminum foil on the leather sofa as cats hate its texture and the resulting sound.



Always educate yourself with cat training to keep your fur baby disciplined. But if you already notice markings on furniture, you have three steps to learn how to repair cat scratches on leather sofa. As we have discussed, it’s best to use leather-specific products to avoid damaging the couch further. 

You can use leather oils for shallow claw marks, but you will have to fill the deeper scratches with a leather filler. And if you noticed flaking, read this guide on how to fix leather sofa peeling


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