How To Keep Cats Off My Bed? 4 Easy Ways!

How to keep cats off my bed? Well, there are a few easy ways that you should try; and these you will know as you read further.

Don’t worry, my friends, you can surely convince your pet to sleep on its own bed, not yours.

Perhaps, the best thing that you should do is to provide your pet a nice place, one that is cozy, large, and safe.

Also, it’s time to make your bed unattractive to your pet; one way is to perform cat repellent methods.

In this article, you’ll know all about these things.

Without further ado, let’s start!


Ways To Keep Cats Off My Bed

So, how to keep cats off my bed?

Here are the following:


#1. Training your cat

Are you a newbie fur parent?

If so, then the first thing that you should know is how you can train your pet.

You should allow your pet to wander around its territory while teaching it where it could and could not go.

Establish a boundary so it will understand its limits.

And this is true not only when it comes to your bed, but also your office chair and kitchen as well.

With this, I’m sure you’ll be at ease even if your pet will grow.

In case your cat is already old, it’s nothing to worry about still.

You can still break that usual habit; you can change your pet’s attention, for sure.

My friends, whether you have a cat or a kitten, there are different ways on how to train them.

First thing first, distract your pet.

Do so when you are at home, especially if it attempts to enter your room.

Distracting means calling them, playing with them, or maybe using treats so you can reinforce such a routine.


#2. Getting a cat bed

You should not wonder if your cat loves your bed so much.

I guess you know how it feels to be excited about lying in your comfortable bed; it’s inviting to your pet too.

But then, if your pet has something to lie comfortably, it won’t even think of going elsewhere.

So, that means that you also need to get a comfy bed for your pet.

You can always place their bed beside yours.

Then again, establish a routine, never let your pet even step your bed.

In case it wants to sleep around the room, provide a number of options.

Maybe, you can put a lot of cat beds around the place.


#3. Making the bed undesirable

Maybe, you’ve done everything just to keep your cat off your bed.

If that’s not effective, it’s time to make what it loves undesirable.

Here are the ways:


#1. Negative association

Here’s the thing:

Your pet doesn’t like strange noises and textures.

So, you can try covering your bed using double-sided tapes or some aluminum foil.

You may be wondering why.

Well, a tape is sticky; it won’t probably like the texture.

On the other hand, an aluminum foil produces a loud sound, who would want to step on it?


#2. Positive reinforcement

After you should buy a cat bed, try to place it up to your bed.

Once your pet is used to it, it’s time to place it away. Place it somewhere you want.

One way to allow your cat to stay in its bed is to use a lure or treats.

Maybe, you can hide the treats around your bed.

With this, you can make a positive reinforcement to your pet.

In the end, your cat will be losing interest therein.

Yes, it may take some time for you to achieve what you’ve wanted, but in this way, you’re sure to keep your pet comfortable and safe.


#4. Crating your pet

My friends, your pet cat can also be kept in crates.

That means that this is also applicable to cats, not only to dogs.

Anyway, it’s proven to be effective; no wonder why a lot of people have been doing this method.

Well, crate training your pet can help in keeping it secured and safe, especially during nighttime.

Just like other animals, your pet is also a curious creature.

That’s why it is always involved in different trouble; this is true especially if you’re not around or maybe unaware.

But if you keep your pet in a crate, you’re certain that it will avoid accidents, keeping it safe and sound.

Much more, your pet loves to sleep in tight places.

That’s why it’s advisable to have a crate that is just right; one where it can lie down or stand up comfortably.

Also, it should be safe and inviting.

You can try putting some cushions or bedding inside.

Try using catnip or treats to make it even more inviting.

Plus, putting some toys in it will help to keep your pet entertained.


It’s A Wrap!

There are many more other ways on how to keep cats off my bed.

However, you can try these ways first before opting for other alternatives.

Make sure to establish to your pet that your bed is yours.

Give it a place to sleep comfortably.

I hope that you’ve learned a lot from this article!

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