How To Keep Bedbugs Away With Dryer Sheets Inside? 4 Easy Steps!

Are you wondering how to keep bedbugs away with dryer sheets inside your house? Follow the two ways to repel bed bugs with dryer sheets indoors and outdoors.

Ensure to clean your house before using the sheets and other hiding places that are wholly damaged or sealed. Always check your home for bed bug infestation as there are signs that can tell you if it exists.

How to keep bedbugs away with dryer sheets

You can tell primarily if there’s an offensive odor oozing out of the scent glands, which makes just an awful experience. The use of dryer sheets as a repellent worked to keep bed bugs away as there is so much more to learn, so it’s best to dig into this article further!


Steps To Keep Bedbugs Away With Dryer Sheets Inside 

Put some dryer sheets in the hiding areas of your bed bugs like the mattress, bed areas, and cabinets but before you use them, clean your house first. But follow the steps below if bed bug infestation continues to exist. Here are the steps how to keep bedbugs away with dryer sheets inside your house:


Step #1. Identifying infestation of bed bugs

Check possible places where bed bugs occur and for some possible infestation.


Step #2. Buying dryer sheets from a reputed seller

Visit a reputable seller to purchase the sheets considering material and quality terms. In addition, purchase dryers that consider the areas where you will put the sheets.


Step #3. Placing the sheets below the cover of your bed

Spread the dryer sheets underneath a bed, under the bedsheets, and around the bed corners.


Step #4. Leaving the dryer sheets on placed areas

Leave the dryer sheets on those areas to keep bedbugs away continuously.


Steps To Keep Bedbugs Away With Dryer Sheets Outside

The dryer sheets are also helpful when placed outside the house that keeps the bedbugs away, as they help prevent these creatures from clothes or home infestation. These dryer sheets outdoors are proper when camping or hiking in various places.


Step #1. Placing dryer sheets in the clothes that you carry

Dryer sheets safeguard clothes against bug infestation, so have a few of them on a hike or trip and change them considering the hours the camping will take.


Step #2. Using fabric conditioner

Fabric conditioners are impressive for their pleasant smell, like dryer sheets that keep bedbugs away. Bring some when you go camping or hiking.


Step #3. Spreading dryer sheets while sleeping

Hiking or camping places are known to experience bug infestation, so before you sleep, spread them around the ground, cover the clothes using dryer sheets and place them inside your bag to get these bed bugs away.


Dryer Sheets: Suitable For Bed Bugs

The dryer sheets method is considered the best and most natural remedy among homeowners, pushing bed bugs away from infesting. The dryer sheets are the fabric softener sheets that keep laundries smooth and soft with high temperatures applied when dried. The fabric conditioners bring a pleasant smell that pushes organisms and bugs away that thrive in the bedsheets. These are a remedy that prevents them as they multiply.

There are dryer sheet alternatives to consider, which can become your favorite. Know where to put them, thus achieving maximum results. Place them between sheets, mattresses, and headboards to drive bugs away. Keep them attached to the cabinets, drawers, and pillowcases so the fragrance will push them away from the bedroom. They also keep the room comfortable and sweet-smelling for sleeping, naturally removing them.

Place the dryer sheets inside or outside your house that will rely much on a specific purpose. Place them inside your home, protecting them from tiny pests like wardrobes, curtains, and bedsheets, and use the dryer sheets when on a camping event, hiking trip, and outdoor activities. You may also be interested to know about do dryer sheets repel bed bugs.


Other Ways To Keep Bedbugs Away With Dryer Sheets

Some homeowners would use dryer sheets when trapping bed bugs and thus avoid biting and buying some bed bug traps, making sure pesky bugs will not touch you as you sleep. They like to get next to the hosts to feed on them quickly. There are many dryer sheets to buy on the market to control bedbugs that often hide in mattresses.

Try other ways to remove pests at home to get these bed bugs away from living on your clothes with your efforts. Use some homemade methods that prevent pest infestation like boric acid, baking soda, salt, and vitamin B. These are natural remedies applicable to your home areas as bed bugs choose to live. Apply them also to bedbugs, thus achieving the best results possible.

Even regular vacuuming helps remove unwanted elements and dirt-like bugs inside the bedroom and vacuum the adult bed bugs to be targeted, laying up eggs and growing their population. Wash the bedsheets until they completely dry off. Keep the bedrooms well-ventilated and clean since a dirty space attracts various bugs resulting in an infestation. Vacuum carpeted flooring every day as you spray essential oils, naturally repelling them. It all boils down to how to best manage pests that stop them as they harm your home. 


It’s A Wrap!

Now you learn how to keep bedbugs away with dryer sheets inside and outside by following the above mentioned methods, but there are still other ways to keep them away using dryer sheets, including vitamin B, salt, baking soda, and boric acid. You may also want to read about how to know if bed bugs are gone and what smell do bed bugs hate.

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