What Smells Do Bed Bugs Hate? 4 Amazing Aromas Included!

This article will be answering the question, “what smells do bed bugs hate?” There are four aromas bed bugs don’t like, and these you will know as you read further.

I know you are very interested in bed bugs. But, unfortunately, they usually hate scents with lavender, menthol rubs, vinegar, garlic, spices, and diatomaceous earth. That’s it. Bed bugs are easy to deal with these scents.

what smells do bed bugs hate

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Smells Do Bed Bugs Hate

Pest control products may have scents that can repel insects—the same works for bed bugs. Luckily, these scents are safe for humans to smell. They can also be air fresheners for your room.

You know that bed bugs, together with other arthropodal insects, have no lungs in themselves. Therefore, they only breathe through a series of tissues called tracheae in their bodies.

I have here to share with you scents that may help bed bug infestations. So, what smells do bed bugs hate?


Scent #1. The purple magic of lavender

Lavender, the most pleasing to our noses. It relaxes, relieves, and sets up the mood in our room. You can also use it in fighting bed bugs. That is because lavender contains a natural chemical called linalool.

You can find this natural compound in many fruits and plants. Over 200, to be exact.

Linalool is commonly used for commercial pesticides. So it is no surprise that this beautiful purple plant can fight bed bugs.

Linalool can fight other organisms other than insects. Linalool can be found in our household ingredients like citrus fruits, basil, cinnamon, and mint.

You can use lavender by utilizing in its oil form. In addition, you can spray lavender fragrance on any fabrics that are infested with bed bugs.

Also, bed bugs might flee away from their usual spots if you have sprayed lavender on them. Thus, you should distribute the scent of lavender throughout your living space that is pest-ridden with bed bugs.


Scent #2. Menthol rubs

I know you have felt some relaxation if you had used Vicks in your chest. No wonder that this can also be a fighting tool for bed bugs.

Vicks rubs are made with menthol. If you have remembered, menthol has the natural bug fighting chemical linalool.

Therefore, you can use your usual cough relief rub to repel bed bugs in your room.

Bed bugs might be angry with you, so do not worry as they do not pay any rent living under your bed.


Scent #3. Kitchen ingredients

Little did I know that vinegar can also be a bed bug repellant. Vinegar is composed of acetic acid.

This property exudes a powerful fume that can make bed bugs go away. You should know that vinegar can oxidize the surface it touches.

Hence, bed bugs can be irritated with the presence of a vinegar smell. In particular, their nervous system can be deactivated by vinegar.

Also, the acidic properties of the vinegar can erode or destroy the outer layers of their bodies, called the exoskeleton.

The vinegar solely dehydrates its exoskeleton. So, if you have vinegar in your kitchen cabinet, never hesitate to use it in repelling bed bugs.

Next, another kitchen ingredient is garlic. This condiment has unique compounds that can fight bed bugs called allicin.

This particular compound is out when the garlic is sliced open. Also, this unique scent is the garlicky smell that you can notice while eating garlic dishes.

Bed bugs, including other insects, cannot save themselves against allicin.

This chemical will easily harm their living systems and can kill them instantly.

It is best to combine both garlic and vinegar in repelling bed bugs away.


Scent #4. Diatomaceous earth

I know you have not heard the word “diatomaceous earth” somehow. This substance is from the fossilized aquatic organisms that are called diatoms.

Usually, diatomaceous earth is mined along river banks, streams, lakes, and oceans. Furthermore, this material is mainly composed of silica. Thus, the first known pest-killing product has the component silicon dioxide.

This component is a derivative of silica from diatomaceous earth.

They work against insects, including bed bugs, by drying out their external coverings or exoskeleton. The substance itself absorbs necessary oils and lipids that are found in the exoskeleton of the insect.

If viewed closely in a microscope, diatomaceous earth is clumps of sharp aged materials. Hence, it can quickly scratch the protective surface of the bed bugs and killing them instantly.

Indeed, they are many choices in fighting these bed bugs. However, you are secured in the fight against these little monsters, so do not be afraid.


Finishing Things Up!

Great! You already know the answer to what smells do bed bugs hate. There are only three known scents that can fight them.

It would help if you remembered that lavender, menthol rubs, garlic, vinegar, and diatomaceous earth could fight bed bugs.

Lavender, menthol rubs, garlic, and vinegar have unique chemical properties that fight insects such as linalool and allicin.

On the other hand, diatomaceous earth has silica that can dehydrate the exoskeleton of the bed bugs.

If you need to learn more about these insects, you can go here.

Thank you very much for reading. See you in the following article.

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