How To Keep Bed Slats In Place? 3 Easy Methods!

Bed slats are the horizontal support of a bed frame holding the mattress, but how to keep bed slats in place?

Bed slats are designed to be resting onto the ledge inside the frame of the beds.

how to keep bed slats in place

So if they are improperly fitted or do not tightly fit onto the bed frame.

They may collapse or slide around when the bed is moved.

But you can do some things to make sure that they will remain in place.

Doing this will help in achieving a good rest.


Methods To Keep Bed Slats In Place

It is not that difficult to deal with stats that keep on falling.

So, how to keep bed slats in place?

In this post, you will get to know three solutions to this issue.

Each of which comes with its own upsides and downsides.

Stay tuned because we will be discussing them below.


Method #1. Check the Slat Pins

Supposedly, the slats have pins that are attached to their top and bottom.

At some unfortunate event, these pins may fall out.

In such a case, the same will happen to the slats.

With that being said, you need to check oftentimes whether or not the pins are still in tacked on the slats.


Method #2. Attach Velcro to the Slats

If you are not familiar with Velcro, it is a thin adhesive strip that will help in preventing the slats from falling.

Velcro is very handy to have at home since it serves multiple uses.

All you needed to do is attach every slat into the ledges using a Velcro strip.

Most often than not, the Velcro requires another glue so that it will work.


Method #3. Support Slats with Plywood

You can help the bed slats that keep on falling, either attaching plywood or hanging headboards for support.

To make this project done, you need to purchase some cheap plywood sheets.

Next, you need to cut it into the size of every bed slat.

Then, place each plywood above every slat; use small screws to attach then, and you are done.

What’s even good about this solution is that attaching plywood will make it more comfortable for you to lay on the mattress.

Below are the steps to follow in cutting the plywood manually:


Step #1. Ready the tools

Before you start, you will need to gather the tools.

It would help if you had a ruler, marker, and hand saw readily available.


Step #2. Figure out the size

You have to know the size at which you need to cut the plywood using a ruler and marker.

Start by placing the plywood on top of the bed slats and mark cutting points.

Please take note that you need to match it to the size of the bed slats accurately.

Double-check the result if necessary.


Step #3. Cutting the plywood

Now, please pick up your hand saw and firmly hold it upright before you start.

Do not be afraid and begin to move your hand.

Start by making a notch onto the edge of the wood and start cutting it.

Remember that you have to keep the hand saw at about 45 degrees as you cut.

If you do not have a protractor at home, you can grab two tape strips and attach one of their ends.

Their corners must not overlap.

Then, fold the tapes in half. Its side will give you a 45-degree angle.

Now, align your hand saw onto the tape and cut along it.

Basically, the tape will serve as your ruler.

To avoid making twists with the saw.

You have to grab the end of the plywood with your other hand to have extra support as you cut towards the end.



In this section, you will be supplied with the answers to the most commonly asked questions related to bed slats.


Question #1. Do you need to screw down the slats of the bed?

Oftentimes, slats are attached to the ends of your bed.

So if they are going to be screwed, they must bed thick enough for it.

If possible, make the slats about 0.75 inches thick.


Question #2. In what direction do bed slats go?

The bed slats are bending downwards when you are lying on your bed.

And they will go back onto their original state after you get up.

Which is why the slats are shaped in an upward curve so that it will be acting the same way as a spring.


Question #3. Do bed slats easily break?

As the slats bend down when the person sleeping there adds weight to the slat, it can lead to the slats breaking down.


It’s A Wrap!

Those were the three ways to keep bed slats in place.

I’m happy to impart to you that those methods will not cost you that much.

It is important to know how to keep bed slats in place, since, it is among the main components of the bed that is handling your weight as you lay on your bed.

Doing this will help in avoiding any discomfort if the mattress sinks.

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