How To Install Baseboard Heater? 4 Easy Steps!

Do you want to know how to install baseboard heater? Discover these excellent steps that will help you install a baseboard heater in any part of your home. Read this article further and discover the best way and amazing step-by-step process for your baseboard heaters. Do you plan to install a heating system into your house and are confused about what type of system suits your home?

Well, in baseboard heaters, you can heat any place of the house, such as room, bathroom, living room, or other areas. Many users said this type of heating does not require too much maintenance, which is a great advantage, especially if the family members have tight schedules.

how to install baseboard heater

But, just like any other device, it comes with advantages and disadvantages, so, upon purchasing a heating system, you need to check if it fits into your electricity needs. Read further to learn more!


What Is A Baseboard Heater?

Homeowners commonly use a baseboard heater in countries with colder weather or temperature. This system will help them feel comfortable on cold days. On the other hand, many use this at home as it lasts longer than another heating system as it has no moving parts, which usually leads to other replacements. In addition, it is hassle-free as it uses electricity to run, which makes it better and safer than gas-powered systems.


Steps To Install A Baseboard Heater

Before installing or purchasing, you must choose a baseboard heater that will suit your room or area space. As there are different types of baseboard heaters, you must be aware of the function of every model to be sure that the one you’re purchasing is what you need. It will prevent you from coming back into the appliance store, saving you money and time. If you have already chosen the correct type of baseboard heater for your home, then it’s time for you to learn how to install baseboard heater. Let’s get started!


Step #1. Turn off the power supply

Upon installing any electric devices, especially if they will be wired directly to the main electric wires, you must turn off the electric supply. It will ensure that there will be no more electricity going through the cables and for your safety. If you have an individual circuit for your baseboard heater, you don’t need to turn off the main supply. Locate the circuit breaker for the baseboard heater and turn it off.


Step #2. Prepare the thermostat

Most of the baseboard heaters need a thermostat to control the system’s temperature. Two wires will connect to the thermostat, and one goes through the circuit while the other is for the baseboard heater. In installing the thermostat, you must find the easiest route, and it must be at least 6o inches away from the floor. The distance will also prevent children from reaching out, and if you prefer, you can move 60 inches above. Get the thermostat, then place it on your wall, and put a mark on it. Cut the walls with the mark using a hand saw. After removing the wall, set the thermostat inside and provide a two-wire circuit. 


Step #3. Wiring the baseboard heater

If you replace your old baseboard heater, you need to detach and cut the wires connected to the heater. You need to remove the baseboard cover, and the backplate then cut off the cables. Leave the cables as you need them in your new baseboard heaters. On the other hand, if you have no baseboard heater installed yet at home, choose the area where you will install the baseboard heater. After you have entirely decided, get your baseboard heater. 

As baseboard heaters provide the wire compartments, this is much easier to install and likely similar to a wall heater. Just that, baseboard heaters were attached to the floor’s base while the wall heater was attached to the wall. Provide two lines similar to what you prepared for the thermostat. If you need to install two heaters, you can add two wires leading to the other heater. Then, cut the wire into 8 inches long then attach the cables to the baseboard heater’s component wirings. Then, ensure the opposite wiring components are tightly sealed with wire nuts and close the cover. You may also be interested to know about electric wire size for baseboard heater.


Step #4. Wire the thermostat

After you set up the wires into the wiring component of the baseboard heater, you can now proceed in wiring the thermostat. As for the previous step in preparing your thermostat, you have successfully attached the thermostat to the wall, and directly, we will connect the wires. Get the cover of your thermostat and connect all base and black wires into the wire nut, then attach it to the thermostat. In the thermostat, there are loads and lines indicated. Attach the white and black load cable to the load while connecting the black and white line into the line in the thermostat. After attaching all the wires, coil them inside and connect the cover into the thermostat using a screw. 


It’s A Wrap!

You have successfully discovered how to install baseboard heater, you will not be confused about managing it or where to start. Installing heating systems nowadays will only take you at least an hour to install at home, which is excellent and the internet helps us to learn further information. You may also want to read about how to install a hydronic baseboard heater and how to paint baseboard heater.

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