How To Install A Hydronic Baseboard Heater? 3 Easy Steps!

Are you ready to keep your house warm and cozy but don’t know how to install a hydronic baseboard heater? The first thing you have to do is decide how you want your baseboard heater placed in your house. It can include marking where you want the screw holes to go, the baseboards placed, and the pipes to run. After finalizing the layout and drilling the holes, you are ready to attach the baseboards and solder the copper pipes where hot water would run through and provide warmth to your house.

A hydronic baseboard heater can help make a house more comfortable by better controlling its surrounding internal temperature. By allowing hot water to run through pipes within baseboards placed around the house walls, this heater can maintain a warm temperature inside the house during the cold season. In this article, we will be guiding you through the steps involved to get your new hydronic baseboard heating system up and running. Keep on scrolling for more, and enjoy!

how to install a hydronic baseboard heater


How Do Hydronic Baseboard Heaters Work 

Hydronic baseboard heaters can heat the entire house by allowing a boiler to pump hot water through the pipes within the baseboard. The heat inside these copper pipes is dissipated and radiated, which keeps the surroundings warm through convection. The cool air inside the house goes down and is heated by the baseboards. The heated air rises while it cools down until it finally sinks again, repeating the process. The heater can also be set up so that each room can have its temperature-controlled independently by using multiple thermostats.

Another type of baseboard heater uses electricity instead of water to heat the surroundings, which is called an electric baseboard heater. An electric baseboard heater is different from a hydronic baseboard heater because it uses electricity to heat instead of using water. Depending on the shape, size, and structure of your house and your needs, the recommended piping system of your hydronic baseboard heater will vary. 

It is essential to learn what layouts are most effective in your situation by consulting professionals who can suggest and help you decide how to set your hydronic baseboard heater system. The proper sizing guidelines for the hydronic baseboard heaters must also be followed when setting up. Once you have decided and finalized your plan, you can follow the steps mentioned below to learn how to install a hydronic baseboard heater. 


Steps To Install Hydronic Baseboard Heater

Before moving on to the steps, make sure that everything is well planned out and discuss what you will do with an expert. Remember that you can always hire someone to help with the installation process or do everything with your supervision if you feel unsure that you can handle it alone. Ensure that you had read any manual or guide that came with the hydronic baseboard when you got it from your retailer. The steps are elaborated on below. 


Step #1. Preparation for mounting 

Before drilling holes and soldering your pipes, you first finalize your layout plan. This step includes knowing where to drill holes that the screws would go in, how the lines would go around the house, and where the baseboard is placed. A great tip is identifying the materials and where they would go by using a pencil to mark where they would be placed. Using a pencil will make it easy to erase when mistakes are made. Measure everything and make sure that there is enough space.


Step #2. Working with the pipes

After drilling the screw holes, you can move on and attach the pipes along with the rear part of the baseboard. You can also save money if you get a plumber to solder and mount the lines and does the rest of the installation process yourself. It is more efficient than hiring someone to do the entire procedure himself. Make sure that everything is sealed tight so that no water leaks out. Be sure to tighten the screws so that nothing will fall off as time goes on. It may be helpful to read about why is baseboard pipes circulate cold water.


Step #3. Putting everything in place

Finally, you can place the outer covering of your hydronic baseboard heater. By this point, you should already have the correct baseboard covers or plates for wall edges, corners, and all other turns that the pipes take. This step is where you finalize how the hydronic baseboard heater works. If you need to change or correct something, this is the best time. Is your hydronic baseboard heater placed efficiently? Once again, check if the system is functioning correctly, and with that, you are done.


It’s A Wrap!

We hope that what you have read here will help you in how to install a hydronic baseboard heater. Now you can keep your place warm and cozy during the cold times. Always put your safety first, and know that you should be placing safety before anything else. Calling a professional is always an option that you can take to make things easier for you. Thank you for trusting us to deliver reliable information that you can teach and help others with in the future. Click on these links to read related articles; know how to wire electric baseboard heater and how to clean baseboard heater.

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