How To Install An Electric Tankless Water Heater? 9 Easy Steps!

Do you want to know how to install an electric tankless water heater? Learn crucial things before installing an electric tankless water heater at home. You must also ensure that the water heater you brought or purchased is compatible with your home. 

Installing the electric tankless water by yourself is tempting, as some professional offers a high-cost service fee. If you are knowledgeable about this field, you can indeed attach it on your own. But, if you are a beginner, please seek a professional to ensure the safety of your family and properties.

how to install an electric tankless water heater

Electric water heaters are more convenient than water heaters with tanks, as you can use them faster. Unlike the storage water heaters, it needs some time to make hot water. What do you think is best and compatible for your family?


Things You Should Know In Water Heaters

People need to boil up water to produce hot water back in the day. Sad to say, they need to repeat the process every time they need hot water from small to higher amounts, and that’s an exhausting process, especially if it’s winter or cold season. So, water heaters helped people access hot water most easily. Nowadays, there are two types of water heaters: electric tankless and storage water heaters.

Do you want to store hot water for your whole family every day and never worry about how much they use it? Then, it would be best if you have a storage or tank water heater. But, if you have a small family, you don’t need much hot water and electric tankless water suits for you. If you want to have a tankless electric water heater, you must check if the product is appropriate for your home. Some tankless water heater needs enough electric power to run. Can your home support your electric needs? You can learn how to install an electric tankless water heater if it can.

Please wear protective gear while doing the method. You must be careful in handling electric wires. In some countries, you may need to get permission from the government to install your electric tankless water heater and ensure it meets the standard quality. 


Steps To Install Electric Tankless Water Heater

It is essential to install your device correctly as it may cause electric injuries or, worst, cause fire at home. If you think you cannot install, it is best to call a professional to do the job. But, if you can, and you know electric wires and installation, this will take at least two to three hours of your time.


Step #1. Switch off circuit breakers

It would be best to take installing devices like an electric tankless water heater seriously. There are amounts of water involved, and it is a great conductor of electricity that can cause electrical shock. Switch off the circuit breaker and check all the wires in your home. Here’s how to turn off water heater.


Step #2. Switch off the water supply

Just like the electricity, you need to switch it off. Ensure you have the water under control while installing the device. It will also prevent your house from severe to moderate damages from water pressure. 


Step #3. Disconnect old water heater

If you have an old water heater in your home, it’s time to detach them. Disconnect all connecting wires and water pipes. Be careful, as they are already aged, unsubstantial, and damage means replacement. 


Step #4. Open the front cover

Get your new electric tankless water heater and open the front cover using a screwdriver. Note that there are various brands of electric tankless water heaters, and you might need other sizes of screwdrivers. Remove the attached screws and place them in a white cloth to be accessible. Open the front cover slowly, as you might connect wires in the front, and we wouldn’t want to be damaged.


Step #5. Set the water heater

Attach your tankless water heater to the wall. Please read the manual on how to attach it to the wall properly. You might need to drill the concrete wall or screw it. Please place them in an accessible area whenever a fire breaks out or other emergencies.


Step #6. Connect the water pipes

You might need stainless steel for your water heater to flow. As you will have hot water flowing, you will need a reliable pipe to manage the temperature and be flexible. If there is no stainless steel available, you can use a copper or PVC pipe as a substitute, but be sure it can handle high temperatures. Make a pipe for your hot and cold water to flow out.


Step #7. Attach flow and pressure valve

The flow valve will help you to control the water heater. You wouldn’t need to turn off the primary control on the water system in your house. Though this is only an option, this will be a heads-up for you. Then, attach the pressure valve if you prefer.


Step #8. Open the faucet for the hot water system

Turn on all the hot water systems to flush out air. This method is essential as it prepares the whole water system. Allow this method for a few minutes, then switch off all outlets. Carefully check all wire connections and reattach the front cover.


Step #9. Turn on the circuit breaker

After checking all electric wires, turn on the circuit breaker. Check the temperature of the water released in your hot water system. Now you’re done and good to go.


It’s A Wrap!

Now you finally uncover the process of how to install an electric tankless water heater in your home. Be ready to jump off and feel the warm water as you take your bath! Please, if you want to have electric tankless water right away and have no knowledge of electric wirings and plumbing, you would love to have a professional have it handled. Find out how much is a tankless water heater too!

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