How To Change Oil On Troy Bilt Pressure Washer? 5 Easy Steps!

Do you want to learn how to change oil on troy bilt pressure washer? If you’re confused about what to do first, this article will help you finish the method successfully. Follow these easy five steps!

If this will be the first time, you change oil, no need to worry. Changing the pressure washer in every brand is almost alike, just that some components are in different places compared to the other brands. After all, the procedure is simple and the same.

how to change oil on troy bilt pressure washer

On the other hand, if you have witnessed any engine changing oil, the method goes the same. You only need to drain all the oil in the tank and refill it with a new one. Read these guides to help you fully understand each step, learn a few tricks, and clarify why changing oil is essential. 


Importance Of Changing Oil In Pressure Washer

The importance of this process might be visible to others, as changing the oil may mean the oil is now more polluted and needs to be changed. Well, that’s 100% right. Your engine pumps for your pressure washer, and it needs oil as a lubricant to allow every part of it to move according to the usage. In addition, the oil reaches into your engine and flows on every side of it. As time goes by, grime gradually builds up, and it’s not good for your machine to continually use.

On the other hand, changing oil adds to your engine’s life span. If you think changing oil is worthless, you’re wrong about it. This method is like a refreshment to your engine. Help your pressure washer lengthen its life span and performance by accomplishing the proper maintenance.

If you have a troy bilt brand of pressure washer, then, this step by step guides will assist you on how to change oil on troy bilt pressure washer. But, if you have some other pressure washers, this method is still advantageous for you.


Steps To Change Oil On Troy Bilt Pressure Washer

If you plan to change the oil, it is recommendable to do this method outdoors. You can also wear protective goggles and hand gloves. Ensure you give at least 5 feet clearance on each side for safety purposes. It is also better to change the pressure washer while it is warm, as the oil will flow faster than it’s cooler. You can at least turn on the engine for at least 2 to 5 minutes to make it warm, and please be careful in handling the oil as it will have a higher temperature. 


Step #1. Place on a flat surface

Carefully place your engine on a flat surface. If you prefer draining the oil while it’s warm, you start your pressure washer and leave it for a few minutes. It is essential to place your engine on a flat surface as some pressure washer slowly vibrates due to the engine’s pressure.


Step #2. Drain the fuel tank

Prepare an empty container to be refilled by the old fuels. Open the cap or lid of the fuel tank and slowly tilt the pressure washer. Flow the fuel into the empty container until it’s drained. Then, disconnect the sparkplug wire and put it away from the spark plug to avoid oils from getting into the wire.


Step #3. Drain the oil

Use a white and dry cloth to clean the tank lid and surfaces. Then, remove the cover and cleanse the dipstick with the fabric. Move your pressure washer sideways to drain your oil. Ensure that the oil dies not to get through into the sparkplug, as this can cause further damage. Click on this link to know how to drain gas from pressure washers.


Step #4. Refill oil

If the old oil’s drained completely, now you can refill t with the new one. Open the lid and fill the tank until it reaches the full mark in the dipstick. Strictly, do not overfill, as oil will splatter into your pressure washer’s surfaces. Close the lid tightly. Here’s how to change oil in pressure washer.


Step #5. Clean the area

Replace the dipstick and attach the new one firmly. Get the sparkplug wire and reconnect it. After refilling, some oils might be on the surfaces. You can clean them by wiping a fabric on them, along with the lid. You can fill the fuel tank if you want to use your newly changed oil pressure washer. Open the lid and place it in a fabric or any clean cloth. Then, use a funnel to help you fill the fuel tank without spillage or at least refill it slowly. After you fill the fuel, close the cap tightly. Just like the oils, do not overfill. Close the lid tightly.


It’s A Wrap!

Changing the oil in the pressure washer is easy, and the step-by-step guide in this article helps you understand each. Isn’t it excellent and easy? You don’t need to run through a professional and pay charge fees, as you now have the ideas on how to change oil on troy bilt pressure washer. Anyway, it’s helpful to read about what kind of oil for pressure washer pump.

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