How To Inflate Air Sofa: Best 2-Step Tutorial

Do not worry if you’re unsure how to inflate air sofa because we simplified it into two steps. For this particular tutorial, we’ll look at the inflatable lounger or the WindPouch. We’ll also discuss another brand, which is the Pouch Couch.  

If you have an air mattress, we have written a complete guide for inflating an air mattress that you can check out. The concepts of inflating an air mattress and an air sofa have similarities, but continue reading below to understand why the latter is more convenient. 

How To Inflate Air Sofa


How Do You Inflate An Inflatable Lounger?

This tutorial applies to the inflatable lounger that requires no pump to inflate. One of the most popular ones in the market is the WindPouch, and it is also called an inflatable hammock. So if you have another type of air sofa, refer to its instructions and follow them diligently to avoid issues. 


Step 1. Open the lounger and trap the air

Find the top sleeve and open it accordingly. Collect air inside it by moving the opening forward in one swift motion. Trap the air inside by closing the sleeve immediately each time you move.

Do note that you don’t need to swing the inflatable lounger. Instead, have your arms straight in front of you when moving the sleeve’s opening forward. Continue trapping air inside the top sleeve and then work on the other sleeve by flipping the lounger over. 


Step 2. Secure the openings

Do the same movement to inflate the remaining sleeve so that your air sofa is around 75% filled with air.  Then, collect the end and roll it tightly. After approximately four rolls, pull the sleeve towards you to secure it with the buckle. 


How Do You Use An Air Sofa?

The air sofa is practical indoors and outdoors. Depending on the design and structure of the model you have, it should be spacious enough to provide comfort but folds conveniently for portability. You also want to check the weight limit of your air sofa, so you don’t accidentally damage it during use. 

Some inflatable sofas are even equipped with a headrest to provide the best support. And if you want to get one for camping and trips, you’ll benefit from models designed with pockets. Furthermore, opt for an air sofa that you can secure with a stake to keep it tethered amidst various weather conditions. 



The most common reason why people get an air sofa is to have something to lounge on when camping. Compared to a chair, an inflatable lounger will feel more comfortable. Some are even waterproof so that you can have them floating while lounging. 



An air sofa can still be useful for home use as it can offer an extra seat for visitors and guests. It should feel cozy, especially if you set it up like making a sofa bed comfortable. You can then deflate it for storage when not in use to save space. 


How Do I Inflate My Air Lounger Without Wind?

Air sofas are designed to be inflated without a pump. Therefore, inflating your lounger on a windy day is preferred for your convenience. If there is no outdoor wind, you can use a fan or any item to blow air into the air sofa. 

Allow the opening to collect the air and close it immediately. With the variety of air loungers in the market, you should easily find a more manageable model to inflate even when there is not much natural air. But in general, you need a source and will eventually need to provide one if you’re outdoors and it’s not windy. 

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How Do You Inflate A Sofa Pouch Indoors?

Inflating the sofa pouch indoors is no different when using it outside. Instead of relying on natural wind, you can turn on the fan to provide the air for inflating the sofa. You can also point any appliance that will emit air towards the area where you’re inflating the sofa pouch and work as you usually would. 

For example, one of the well-known sofa pouches in the market is the Pouch Couch. You only need to hold it away from you and wave to collect air. And since you’re inflating it indoors, make sure to have a circulating fan and then roll the end and clip it to finish. 


How Does The Pouch Couch Work?

The Pouch Couch works the same way as other air loungers in the market. You can inflate it without a pump as it will collect air when you wave it away from you. However, the brand emphasizes that you must not use the Pouch Couch if there is precipitation, rain, or wind, and it’s also not suitable as a flotation device. 



Air sofas are convenient as backup seats or even for traveling. We have discussed how to inflate air sofa correctly, and you might have noticed that regardless of the brand, they all work without a pump. You only need to wave it away from you and immediately close the sleeve to collect air. 

Overall, having any source of air will make the inflation process quick and easy. Let us know if you have any more questions regarding this versatile type of sofa. 

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