How To Make Your Bed Higher Off The Ground? 4 Best Ways!

How to make your bed higher off the ground? You could either use a bed riser, wedge, bed topper, and more.

One of the most enjoyable rooms to furnish is the bedroom.

How to make your bed higher off the ground

For starters, it’s almost certainly everybody’s favorite room.

Because you don’t entertain in your bedroom, you can decorate it any way you want without worrying about how others would react.

So, what are you waiting for?

Let’s try to make your bed higher.

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Making Your Bed Higher

Yours is the only flavor that matters. In almost every bedroom, the bed is the center point.

It’s easy to overlook a new lamp or even a new nightstand.

Small modifications like that are easy to overlook.

However, replacing the bed can completely transform the room’s appearance. It may even appear to be a completely different room.

Redecorating, on the other hand, isn’t cheap.

Even if you prefer to shop at flea markets and estate sales rather than a high-end furniture store, renovating a room will cost money.

The cost of decent bed frames, in particular, is extremely high.

The other option is to leave your bed and other furniture alone.

Small adjustments and modifications are sometimes all that is required. Are you ready to “update” your home?

Hold off on purchasing a new bed frame if you believe your current bed or bed frame is too low or too close to the floor.

Save that money for a larger purchase, such as a new tub or flooring.


Ways To Make Your Bed Higher Off The Ground

There are several ways to raise the height of your bed without having to get rid of your current bed or bed frame.

And if you’re willing to do some hard lifting, you can do it yourself! So, how to make your bed higher off the ground?

Raising the height of your bed is a simple process. However, it would help if you first decided how much you want to increase it.

For elevating your bed, you have a few simple options.

One of the most top options is to use dedicated bed risers.

To raise the height of your bed, you can use a wedge, add rollers to your bed frame, or add a bed cover to your arrangement.


#1. The Use of Bed Riser

Because they are easily accessible, bed risers are one of the most convenient ways to add height to your bed.

These are simple to utilize and come in a variety of colors, materials, and heights.

You can choose from three different styles of bed risers:


#1. Plastic

The most used and generally the simplest to install bed risers are made of plastic.

Furthermore, these types of bed risers come in a variety of colors, making it much easier to select one that matches your home’s decor.

Plastic risers, on the other hand, are the least sturdy of the bunch.


#2. Metal

Compared to the plastic version, metal risers offer more stability and longevity.

Furthermore, several metal risers have height-adjustable profiles, enabling you to modify the level of your bed as needed.

Metal risers, on the other hand, aren’t always compatible with different bedpost kinds.


#3. Wood

Wooden risers are another long-lasting option that typically adds to the beauty of your bed.

Prefabricated solutions are available, or you can make your wooden riser.


#2. The Use Of Bed Wedge

Bed wedges are a unique technique to elevate your bed for more support.

These bedside wedges provide a vertical rise, allowing you to elevate your head and neck.

An incline setting offered by a bed wedge would aid those with health difficulties such as back discomfort, spinal injuries, or sleep difficulties.

You can choose from various bed wedges, ranging from a simple wooden plank to slider wedges that can accommodate different height requirements.


#3. The Use Of Mattress Topper

A plain mattress cover could suffice if you don’t want to deal with the hassle of installing bed risers or a wedge.

Mattress toppers are quite simple to put together, making them a perfect alternative for the elderly or those suffering from medical ailments such as arthritis.

These toppers are softer, more conforming, and provide more ventilation than normal mattresses, so they can considerably improve your night’s sleep.

On the other hand, these are usually only a few inches tall, so they don’t provide as much elevation as the risers or wedges.


#4. The Use Of Wheels

Affixing rollers to your bed frame is another inventive alternative if you need a few inches of extra height.

The extra convenience of improved movement comes with wheels.

Thanks to the wheels, you can effortlessly transfer your bed out of the area for extensive vacuuming or to change the arrangement of your bedroom.

Ensure that your bed covers or linens are wide enough to hide the wheels, as they can be ugly if exposed.

If you’re short on both time and money, the next best thing is to look at what you currently have and develop a creative method to give it new life.

Perhaps some ornamental legs for a side table? Is it time to repaint the walls? Is there a new work of art? Perhaps a new rug? It does not have to be costly.

Decorating is a great way to feel good, especially if you’re celebrating a special occasion.

Maybe you’ve just moved into a new house or are adjusting to a new living environment.

Redecorating, as simple as it may appear to some, can restore your sense of control.

You must take control of your environment and make it an extension of yourself.



So, how to make your bed higher off the ground when redecorating is a lot of fun.

And it may also be therapeutic in some situations.

Looking at something new is such a joy for the eyes.

I’m confident that if money and time weren’t an issue.

Besides, individuals would redecorate and renovate their bedrooms and other areas of their homes more frequently.

So, what exactly are you waiting for?

Get to work on your decoration!

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