How To Hang Two Curtains On One Rod? 3 Easy Steps!

How to hang two curtains on one rod? In three easy steps- simply by inserting, adding, and sliding- you can do this!

Indeed, one of the essential elements that a home should have is a window.

How to hang two curtains on one rod

This structure will allow natural light into your room.

Not only that, but it can also be an extension of your home’s interior décor.

For instance, if you might want to hang multiple curtains on it.

However, the problem starts if you only have one curtain rod.

But do not worry because there are a lot of ways to get what you wanted. Setting up multilayered curtains in one rod can be very simple.


Double Layered Curtains

Layering in terms of window treatment refers to using two or more pairs or curtain panels in dressing the window.

People commonly layer two varying styles of curtains.

Most often than not, it involves the combination of the sheer curtains and main curtain with solid colors or patterns.

The sheer curtains occupy the middle portion of the rod.

Then its edges are occupied by the main curtains.

Such a placement of window coverings can bring out a balanced and chic style.

Furthermore, the main curtains at the side tend to appear as if a separate rod is used to hang them.

Also, this curtain is positioned this way for protection against excessive UV rays.

Now to achieve this look, follow the steps provided below.


Steps To Hang Two Curtains On One Rod

When it comes to hanging two curtains, it does not necessarily mean that you will need a double rod as well.

As mentioned earlier, this can be done using a single rod only.

So, how to hang two curtains on one rod?

Here’s how!


Step #1. Inserting one curtain panel

First, you need to slide one of the main curtain panels to the rod.

Then, more it towards the end to make space for other curtain panels.


Step #2. Adding the sheers

After you have inserted the first curtain panel, you can add a panel of two sheers onto the curtain rod.

It depends upon you if how many panels do you want to add.


Step #3. Sliding the remaining curtain panel

Finally, you can add the rest of the main curtain panel. Adjust the panels accordingly to ensure that they look neat.

But you have to note that with this style, your ability to close the curtains is limited.

The sheer at the middle of the curtain rod will restrict the movement of your main curtains at the sides.

Meaning to say, the sheers that you’ll choose are the ones that can determine the amount of natural light that can enter the room.

The level of privacy provided to you will also depend on the sheers.

With that being said, you need to choose with lace patterns or prints as this can help filter out the light and improve the privacy of the room.

Alternatively, you may choose to substitute light-colored curtains or white ones with the sheers.

But make sure to choose a color that can complement the main curtains.

In such a case, you will enjoy privacy while at the same time maintain the chic style in the mid-portion of your window treatment.

However, only a little or even zero natural light can stream through into the room in this alternative method.


Other Methods On How To Hang Two Or More Curtains

We have also decided to treat you with the standard methods of hanging multiple curtains. Below are just a few among the many others.


Method #1. Using bungee cord

Bungee cords are generally made of an elastic material with hooks on both of their ends.

This type of cord is covered with plastic material or colorful fabric.

Its hooks are used to latch on surfaces.

But you can also utilize them to lock on each other.

They are available in a wide array of sizes.

Since bungee cords can stretch without getting damaged, it makes them perfect for window use.

Using them for your layered window treatment, you need to place the sheer curtain panel into the bungee cords.

Then, slide the cord onto the openings the same way you slide a rod.

After that, you need to attach each end of the cord to the window brackets.

Use the provided hooks in doing this.

Make sure to secure the cord and adjust your sheers to make the panel look neat.

Finally, place the main curtain panels onto the rod and hang the curtain rod over the cord.

The cord serves as the second cord without the need to install another one.


Method #2. Using double-sided hooks

Another way to attain a layered look using a single rod is through double-sided hooks.

Although this method is typically used to hang shower curtains in your bathroom, you can utilize this method for other rooms as well.

You can use the two hooks from the opposite sides in holding two curtain panels.

Just ensure to get hooks that can accommodate the weight of your curtain fabric.


It’s A Wrap!

Do you know how to hang two curtains on one rod?

There is no need for you to install another rod if you like to layer your window dressing.

There are a lot of ways to achieve this on a single rod only.

Now, grab your curtains and get started!