3 Easy and Simple Ways on How to Hang Sheer Curtains

Hanging window treatments can be a difficult and time-consuming task. Well, no more! With this blog post, you will learn how to hang sheer curtains with ease.


how to hang sheer curtains

Steps on Hanging Sheer Curtains

Step #1. Measure the length of your window, as well as the height. This will help you determine how many panels to put on each side and how long they need to be.

The width of a panel should be roughly three inches wider than half the measurement across your window frame (for example, if it is 50″ wide, the panel should be 53″). The height of a panel should be about two inches shorter than your window’s total measurement.

Measure and cut out one length of fabric for each side of your panels, measuring how many you will need in order to meet these requirements (for example, if it is 50″ wide, you would want four pieces of fabric measuring 53″ wide). To measure how long the panels should be, take one of your pieces and fold it in half.

Step #2. Measure where you want to hang each panel on the window frame by taking into account how many need to go together for that side; then mark with a pencil or chalk (depending on the type of wall). Make sure that the top edge is at eye level.

Step #3. Hang your panels using a curtain rod set and curtains hooks as needed for both sides. If you want to close them all the way, use three hooks on each side with rings or clips (depending on how they are attached) over two you would any other curtains.

Thread your curtain rod through the top hole in each panel and attach the hook to the desired location on either side of each panel. Hang panels according to how many you have for that section, making sure they are straight; then repeat for all four sides of the window frame, adjusting hooks if necessary.

You can add a decorative rod on top of the curtain rod for added style.


What are Sheer Curtains?

Sheer curtains are a type of window covering that is made from fabrics, such as lace or tulle, and they have an open weave. This means that you can see through them when the light shines on them. These types of curtains are also sometimes called “organdy” because organdy fabric was often used to create this style of curtain.

They are very beautiful and look good on nearly any window in your home, but they do not provide much light blocking at all because of how to see through the fabric is. This means that sheers need to be paired with other types of curtains so you can get both a decorative look as well as some privacy or blockage from the outside world.

Sheer curtains are sometimes categorized as “room dividers” because they can be used to separate one space from another, such as the living room from the kitchen. This is where their name comes in – since you cannot see much through them (as mentioned before), it creates a type of barrier between two spaces and therefore divides the two.

Sheer curtains are not the best for privacy since they allow people to see through them, but if it is a concern of yours you can always find sets that have the more opaque fabric in the middle or towards the top so there’s less visibility.

When hanging sheer curtains be sure to keep your rods and hardware simple because the fabric is so light and airy.

If you need to block out sunlight from a window, then sheer curtains are not the right choice for you because they will let in just as much fun as any other type of curtain would.


What Color is Best for Sheer Curtains?

If you’re looking for sheer curtains to match the look of your room, then it’s all about what color looks best with everything else!

If you have a lot of neutral colors in your space already, go ahead and get some gray or white curtains. They’ll blend nicely into the background while still adding that light and airy feel to space.


How to Wash Sheer Curtains?

Washing sheer curtains are not quite as easy as washing a solid color curtain. You’ll want to use cold water and mild detergent instead of hot or heavy-duty soap because the fabric can quickly become damaged from an aggressive wash cycle.

Avoid using chlorine bleach when possible, but if you need to whiten your curtains then it’s worth the risk.

There are also some great commercial products on the market that will help keep your curtains fresh and clean without damaging them in the process.


Is it Good to Iron Sheer Curtains?

Ironing won’t damage your curtains, but it will make them last longer.

Hanging the curtains in a humid room for a few hours first to let any wrinkles fall out might help if you don’t want/have time to iron them before hanging up.


In conclusion, how to hang sheer curtains is very easy and simple. However, if you encounter any difficulty, do drop a comment for assistance.