Where Can I Buy Bead Curtains: 2 Simple Tips!

Bead curtains are the most beautiful and elegant type of curtains that you can get for your home. They come in many different styles, colors, shapes, and sizes to suit any taste or budget. In this article, we will explore where to buy bead curtains so that you can find the perfect setting for your home!


where can I buy bead curtains?

Places Where You Can Buy Bead Curtains

Tip #1. The first step on where can I buy bead curtains? is finding online.  There are a few ways you can find out where to buy them – online stores like Amazon.com, Etsy.com offer a wide variety of bead curtains in different colors and styles.

Tip #2. You can also contact local curtain stores to find out where they get their inventory from or try looking for them at flea markets or auctions!


How Much Does Bead Curtains Cost?

The price of bead curtains can range anywhere from $25 to upwards of thousands for a custom installation. In most cases, you should expect to spend between $50 and $200 on the material alone, with installation costing extra depending on the work required.


How do I Install Them?

Step #1. Bead curtains are usually hung by small hooks with the curtain’s weight being supported by its own beaded chains.

Step #2. You can either attach a piece of wood to each end of the window or use an existing frame and hang it from that instead.


Bead Curtains and Fabric Curtains, Which is Better?

  • Fabric curtains are easier to clean, and you can buy them in a wide variety of colors.
  • Bead curtains will go well with any aesthetic thanks to their neutral color scheme.
  • They also offer far more privacy than fabric curtains which is great if your window provides an excellent view into the world outside!


What are the Benefits of Bead Curtains?

  • They offer excellent privacy and can be hung in a wide variety of ways.
  • You also have to hang them with hooks which means that you don’t need any fancy or expensive installation equipment!
  • Bead curtains also won’t let light through like fabric ones will, which is perfect if you need to block out the sunlight.
  • They’re also easier to clean and maintain than fabric curtains which makes them an attractive choice for those who want a more hands-on approach.


How do I Hang Bead Curtains?

Step #1. You’ll want to choose where they should go, then measure how far from that spot you need them to hang.

Step #2. If you want your curtains in a straight line, measure the distance for where they should start and then where they should end. Next, find that same measurement on each side of the intended area. This is how far away from one another you’ll use hooks to attach beads.

Step #3. For any gaps between the beads, tie a string to one bead and then hang it over your hooks. You can also use a different type of hook-like ribbon or thread on each side for an interesting effect.

Step #4. Hang some decorative items in between them so they don’t look too messy when you’re done!


Where is the Best Place to Hang Bead Curtains?

The best place to hang bead curtains is wherever you want them because they’re so versatile.

Hanging from a window: All you need are some cute hooks or nails and then attach your beads!

Wall hanging: You can also use ribbon if the wall where you plan on placing it has crevices in between the boards.

Framed artwork: If you are using a frame, hanging beads in front of it will create an interesting display that is sure to grab people’s attention!


Can I Wash Bead Curtains?

Yes! You can wash them by hand or put them in a dishwasher. The only thing you need to be careful of is the hooks, so make sure they are not touching any other items that are getting wet such as glassware or dishes because this may cause some rusting


Can I Wash my Bead Curtain in a Washing Machine?

No, the machine will rip through your curtain and not make it look its best.


Can I Hang my Bead Curtains in a Window?

Yes! You can attach them to any type of hooks or nails you would like. They are also great for walls if you want something more decorative that is sure to grab attention.

Can I Attach Bead Curtains to my Shutters?

Yes! They will also work great with a curtain rod, especially if you don’t have any windows that open where you want them.


Do I Need Blinds on my Bead Curtains?

You can attach a drape or curtain to your bead curtains if you want, but it is not necessary.

Can I use my Bead Curtains Inside the House?

Yes! They are excellent for any room in the home. If they’re outside made of weatherproof materials like vinyl then they will be just fine on the inside too. If they’re outside made of fabric then you might want to do something like put a sheet around them.


Can I use my Bead Curtains Outdoors?

Yes! They can be used anywhere, but if it is raining or snowing heavily in that area where your beads are located and there is not much drainage, it is a good idea to bring them in.

The beads will stay wet and start to mold if there’s not drainage for them, so you’ll want to be careful about where they are being used when the weather gets bad or just plan on bringing them inside until the rain goes away.

How do I keep my Bead Curtains From Getting Dusty?

One way to keep your beads from becoming too dusty is by using a large sheet of cardboard. You can use this on top of the fabric or plastic bead curtains as long as it’s not touching the floor, and drape sheets over them when you’re done with them.


How Often Should I Wash my Bead Curtains?

It is recommended to wash them at least once every six months. If you live in an area where mold and mildew are common, it may be best to get a bead curtain dryer like the one offered by DryGuy or an air purifier with HEPA filtration.