8 Easy Steps on How to Hang Curtains in a Pop Up Camper 

It is essential to make all the necessities in a new home available to enjoy comfort to the fullest. How to hang curtains in a pop up camper is one of the easiest ways to ensure a great look in a camper, even if it’s for a little while. 

You will need the following to achieve your aim; measuring tape, shower curtains, scissors, sewing machine, threads, needle, curtain rods, and ladder or long stool. 

How to hang curtains in a pop up camper


Guide on Hanging Curtains in a Pop Up Camper

Step #1: Get the Shower Curtains Ready

The shower curtain is cotton, and it’s very light. Curtains primarily used in a pop up camper are usually very light to ensure absolute ventilation. Once you use thick curtains, there may be less ventilation and discomfort. 

Step #2: Get the Dimensions of the Windows

This step is very vital. Since you wish to have neat work, you must take measurements of the windows to hang the curtains. The length of the windows will determine the size of shower curtains you will use. 

Step #3: Measure the Shower Curtains

Take the shower curtains’ measurements to get the correct division in the next step. You take measurements to ensure that you divide the curtains into two equal parts. 

Step #4: Use Scissors and Divide the Shower Curtains into two Equal Parts 

The next step on how to hang curtains in a pop up camper is cutting. You divide the shower curtains into two equal parts. The reason is to obtain two sides of the curtains and ensure proper ventilation and easy opening and closing. 

Step #5: Sew the Divided Edges 

The edges of the cut curtains are cleaned either by trimming or by sewing. Sewing is preferred because you will capture all the sides that will face people.

Hanging curtains in a pop up camper are gradually becoming more precise as the shower curtains are divided into two and are well arranged. 

Step #6: Get the Curtains Rods Ready

Without the curtain rods, there may not be any way to position the curtains appropriately. Therefore, they are of great importance for hanging curtains in a pop up camper. 

Step #7: Get the ladder or Long Stool 

You have known the length, width of the windows, and curtains, you have also made every other material available, it is now the main business of the day. 

Step #8: Fix the Shower Curtains with the Curtain Rods 

You fix the curtains to the rods. One on the left side while the other one on the right side. Such that you can open it from either the left side or the right side. The figure on the feature image shows the completed curtains hung on a pop up camper. 


Why Should you use Shower Curtains?

You mustn’t use shower curtains, but for you to enjoy lasting comfort in your pop up camper, you should use shower curtains. Shower curtains ensure easy movement of air in and out of your room.

You are to opt for shower curtains for those on vacation because you can’t afford to have anything less than your comfort as you enjoy. 


Must I Install Curtains in a pop up Camper? 

Absolutely, not compulsory! What’s the use of living or staying in a pop up camper without complete comfort? 

Since the above steps took you through how to make curtains in a pop up camper, why not go ahead and grab the opportunity of gaining new skills?

We elaborated the steps above on how to hang curtains in a pop up camper for you to opt for only your comfort, even without extra knowledge. The shower curtains are very light.

Therefore, you can easily detach them from where you hung them and cleaned them up with detergent. 

What is the Cost of Hanging Curtains in a pop up Camper? 

What is the use of looking for someone who will hang the curtains for you while you have learned how to hang curtains in a pop up camper? All you need is to get your materials ready and diligently follow the steps above. 

Some people who don’t have time go ahead and opt for already made curtains in a pop up camper look for people who will help them out. These can cost them a lot of dollars. That’s why it’s necessary to save a little and spend time learning and being part of this growth. 


From everything we discussed above, be rest assured that you may be able to hang curtains in a pop up camper. How to hang curtains in a pop up camper, as I said earlier, is not a big deal.

If you’re dedicated enough, you may follow up the steps above and try something new.

You don’t have the required materials? you can improvise, provided you’re willing to give yourself this knowledge. For lasting comfort, you should try using shower comfort. It is interesting to note that you must not install curtains in a pop up camper.

Installing in a pop up camper is just for the comfort and aesthetic. Different people have different reasons they have a specific design in their home. You design your home to serve your comfort needs.