How to Hem Sheer Curtains? 5 Easy and Fast Tips!

Hi everyone, I am happy to share this topic on how to hem sheer curtains with you. Recently, I changed to a new apartment, and I bought a sheer curtain for my windows.

After hanging them, I discovered they were too long for my liking. So I had to figure out how to hem the sheer curtains to reduce the length, which I will be sharing with you in this article.

How to Hem Sheer Curtains

If you are wondering what sheer curtains are all about, they are very light curtains placed before the main curtain. Ideally, when you open the main curtain, the sheer curtain remains to provide a little privacy and ensure that enough light rays get into the room.


Steps on How to Hem Sheer Curtains

Like I mentioned earlier, hemming a curtain is one of the techniques you can employ to shorten a curtain’s length. You can use this in place of trimming.

Hemming a sheer curtain is a little bit tricky due to the delicate nature of their fabrics. It is, therefore, essential to be careful while carrying out the process.

The process is relatively easy and does not require advanced skills. Basic knowledge of sewing and measurement are the only requirements needed to achieve good results.

So, if you are ready to learn how to hem sheer curtains, I am ready to teach you!


Step #1: The first step when you want to hem the sheer curtain is to hang your sheer curtain and observe how long the curtain is. This process will help you to determine at what length you want to hem the curtain.

Step #2: Use an erasable marker and make a mark on the curtain. This mark will indicate how long you want the curtain to be and help you know where to start folding.

Step #3: Use a pin and fold the curtain at the position where you made a mark with the erasable marker.

Step #4: The next step in hemming sheer curtains is to bring down the marker from the curtain and the hanger.

Step #5: Take a measurement of 3 inches from the curtain’s end, fold it and then run a stitch across using a sewing machine. If there are rough edges, you can carefully remove them using scissors.

After this, fold another 3 inches, strengthen it with a pressing iron, and sew it using a sewing machine to form the hem’s second layer. Continue this process until you get to the point where you made a mark.

If the Sheer curtain is too long initially, you may need to cut off some of the excess fabrics before proceeding with the hem.

When folding the hem and ironing them, you have to be extra careful not to damage the sheer curtain with a hot iron.


What Other Techniques can you use to Shorten the Length of a Sheer Curtain?

Aside from how to hem sheer curtains, which we have discussed above, there are other techniques we can use to shorten our sheer curtains and, in fact, other curtains in general.

Place the sheer curtains behind the traditional curtains. Although they are light and compromise our privacy, they benefit from allowing more light into the room than the traditional curtains.

The issue with them is that they are often too long, so there is a need to shorten them. However, shortening them also comes with its challenges because the materials are very light.

In this section, I will share some ways you can shorten the length of these sheer curtains without destroying the fabrics.



Trimming is an easy and appropriate method to reduce the excessive length of a sheer curtain. First, hang the curtain and make a mark on the desired length.

You can then proceed to cut down the excess length. Do remember to leave out an extra half-inch when you are cutting. You will use this extra ½ inch for folding.

Helm Tape

You can use Helm tape to shorten the length of the curtain. After trimming. Place the help tape at the button of the curtain and then fold the tape backward. You will get a stunning and neat look at the bottom of the curtain.


You can also use hemming to reduce the length of sheer curtains. This involves sewing a stitch of about ¼ inches, removing the rough edge with scissors, and folding them again. The process is beneficial when the length of the curtain is not too long.



Yeah, I believe you have learned one or two things about how to hem sheer curtains. It’s an easy process, and anyone can do it if they have basic sewing skills.

So, next time you want to shorten your sheer curtain length, you do not necessarily need to cut it, except the length is way too much.

If the curtain is just a few inches on the ground, you can decide to use this method and reduce the length. Kindly share your thoughts, and when you encounter any questions or clarification on the steps, do not hesitate to drop them right there.