How to Hang Canopy Bed Curtains

Canopy beds are one way to make your bedrooms look phenomenal. They look graceful and elegant, especially with hanging sheer curtains that soften its rigid woodwork. Luckily, you can learn how to hang canopy bed curtains in just a few easy steps.


how to hang canopy bed curtains

Since it has a cubical frame with bedposts, you can easily drape your fabric over the edge. All you need is a properly measured piece of cloth, some tension rods, and accessories such as top ties, ribbons, and literally anything you prefer.


Some canopy beds already come with detachable rods, so you won’t have to worry about buying and installing additional curtain rods. But don’t feel too disappointed if yours do not have its own rods. 


There are tons of decorative tension rods available at your local store. Installing them won’t be much trouble either. In this tutorial, we will show you how to hang canopy bed curtains so that you can enjoy a beautiful, elegant, and luxurious bedroom. 


Step 1: Installing rods

If you have detachable rods that match your canopy bed, you can head over to step two. However, if you still have to attach your own rods, we can start by measuring the distance between the canopy bedposts.


You need to know how long your rod should be before going to the store. You can also decide if your canopy bed posts can hold either screw-driven rods or simple tension bars. Buy your chosen rod and install it according to the manufacturer’s instructions.


Tension rods

Get the right-sized rod and prop it against the two bedposts. Extend the rod and adjust the two halves by rotating it either clockwise or counterclockwise to tighten the shafts. Make sure that it has a good grip and won’t easily fall over.


Regular rods

Purchase the exact size rod that will cover the distance between one post to another. Drill a hole through the bedposts and attach the rod using sturdy screws. Make sure that they are not loosely fastened.


Step 2: Attach your curtain hardware.

Make sure that you get them in the proper width and length. Consider how much fabric you want elegantly pooling on the floor. You might also want to think about the fullness of your curtain panels. 

If your curtains are a bit shorter than you prefer, you can always opt for curtain clip rings to add extra inches to the fabric. Otherwise, go for top ties, which are a popular hanging instrument, especially for canopy beds. 

Step 3: Hang your curtains

Take your curtain and hook, clip, or slip it onto the rod. If you are using curtain clip rings, you might want snap-open rings to make things easier. Hang your curtains onto the rod and adjust them as necessary.

Step 4: Accessorize

Use tiebacks to hold the curtain in place. It will also help you complete the look, especially if you are looking for a sophisticated canopy bed. You can use ribbons, twine, rope, or any material to hold your curtains together. 


You can also top it off with some valance curtains or an additional layer of draperies. However, keep in mind that you may need a second set of curtain rods or perhaps a simple double-sided hook.


Things to consider

The aesthetic vibe or room grandeur will largely depend on the color and fabric you will use. Some people like simple sheer curtains to create a calm, soothing, and relaxing bedroom aura. 


Other people feel that silk, velvet, and different bold types of fabric can help them make a daring statement. It also makes a significant difference when building a grand and luxurious room design. Choose a color and material that suits your existing furniture.


You also need to know how many panels you are going to need. Some prefer two sets of curtains loosely draped on the sides of the canopy bed. Others have a total of eight panels surrounding the entire bed frame.


Rodless hanging technique

Well, no one ever said that you needed rods to hang these elegant curtains to give your beds a touch of color. You can also use a regular wire or rope to hang your beautiful curtains. Buy a set of eye-hooks that will help you attach the string to the bedposts.


Hang the curtains by following steps two to four, and you should pretty much achieve the same result. Make sure that you consider the weight of the fabric. In simpler terms, heavier fabric means using thicker ropes. 


You might also want to pull the wire and make sure that it is taut. Otherwise, the string may droop over time and may affect your curtain’s appearance. Some wires are better to use than others. Try to do your research on which kinds are best to use.


Canopy bed curtains

When you think of canopy beds, it’s supposedly a beautiful combination of firm and rigid bed frames accompanied by a flowing drape material and soft cushions. It is an elegant piece of furniture that creates a private and luxurious chamber effect. 


A well-designed canopy bed is the ultimate sign of decadence. It is a sure show-stopper in any bedroom. That’s why you need to know how to hang canopy bed curtains if you want to make the most out of your canopy beds.