What Curtains Size for 8 Foot Ceilings? 3 Helpful Tips!

If you have 8-foot ceilings in your home, what Size curtains should you buy? This is a question that many people are asking themselves. Curtains can be expensive, so it helps to know what size you need before purchasing them. This post will discuss if there is such thing as too long or too short and What Curtains Size for 8 Foot Ceilings.


Curtains Size for 8 Foot Ceilings

Tips on How to Choose Curtains Size for 8 Foot Ceilings

Tip #1. Before we get into the numbers, what is your window size? The width of your windows will determine how much fabric you need. A standard 84-inch length curtain rod can usually accommodate a window that’s up to 36 inches wide with ease.

Tip #2. If you have more expansive than average windows, or if you want more coverage on either side and over the top, you’ll need a longer rod – up to 96 inches.

Tip #3. The most common curtain sizes for windows with an eight-foot ceiling are 84″ and 108″. Curtains that measure longer than your window width will have the appearance of being too short or tight on either side.

If any part of the material is touching the ground, it’s too long. 84″ width is best for windows that are 36 inches wide or less. 108″ width is best for windows that are more than 36 but not wider than 72 inches


How to care for curtains

After every few months of use, wash curtains to remove dirt and dust that has accumulated on the fabric over time. Use a mild soap in cold water, rinse thoroughly with cool tap water, then hang dry or machine dry at a low heat setting before using them again.
Clean your curtain rods by wiping them down with a damp cloth occasionally.
Be aware that some colors may bleed or fade over time, so use a color catcher sheet in the dryer to preserve your fabric’s vibrancy.


Size curtains for windows of this width:

  • 36″ wide – 84″ length
    48″ wide – 96″ length
    54″ wide – 108″ length
    72″ wide – 144″ length
    108″ width is best for windows that are more than 36 but not wider than 72 inches.

Curtains should be at least 12 to 24 inches longer than the window opening, depending on how long you want them to drape when they’re drawn shut or open. Curtains that are too short will be more difficult to draw open or shut.

Use a horizontal rod if the window is less than 36 inches wide, and hang two fabric panels from it for added privacy during daylight hours. Use a vertical rod on wider windows (36″ up to 72″), and add one panel at either side of the window to balance things out.

Curtains can be made from a variety of fabrics, and it’s possible to find ones that match your furniture or room decor perfectly.

How To Measure For Curtains:

  • Measure the width of your window from left to right.
  • Measure the height of your window, including any windowsill or other trim that may extend out past the edge of your curtain rod (if using a vertical one).
  • Divide these measurements in half and add 12 inches to get to the desired length of your curtains.
  • Measure the height from floor to ceiling, including any window treatments you’d like to cover up.
  • Divide these measurements in half and subtract 12 inches for a tailored look that will end at or near the center point of your curtain rod (if using one).

How often should I wash my curtains?

  • Wash your curtains at least once a year.
  • If you have pets or smoke indoors, wash them every two to three months.
  • Clean the windowsills and curtain rods when needed with soap and water; never use abrasives like Clorox or bleach.

How often should I iron my curtains?

Ironing curtains is a personal preference. If you prefer to iron them, do so after washing your curtains and before drying them or storing them away for the season.

What Size Curtains should I Get?

Measure the height from floor to ceiling (including any window treatments) and divide these measurements in half again if you want a curtain that is halfway down the windowsill or lower.

Buy curtains two inches wider than your desired length for french pleats, ruffles, gathers, or sheers. For straight curtains, buy them two inches more comprehensive than the windowsill.

For tiebacks or rods on either side of a window, leave at least six to eight inches between your curtain rod and wall for easy access when opening and closing your curtains with one hand.

The most popular length of the drapery panel is 16″ wide x 84″ long. For a simple, clean look that is easy to care for, you may want to try curtains with wide hems and no pleats or ruffles.