5 Easy Steps On How To Hang A Swinging Chair Securely

With a few materials such as an electric drill, ropes or chains, chain connectors, and a few steps to follow, you’ll learn how to hang a swinging chair in your home without having to worry about it falling. Before reading the steps, you must first understand what kind of hanging chairs you want and where you should place them.


how to hang a swinging chair

Swinging Chairs

Hanging or swinging chairs are very comfortable, and most kids love them. You might see them often in a kid’s or teenager’s room, but these are pretty popular with adults as well. These chairs often give that relaxing feeling with the rocking motion that they create.


1. Brazilian hammock

Inspired by the standard hammock design, this hanging chair fits almost any type of body shape. Compared to other kinds of swinging chairs, these are the cheapest ones around and are easy to disassemble whenever you want. Hanging chairs of this type are very easy to store, as they take little space when placed in a wardrobe closet.


2. Ceiling chair

This type of swinging chair might be the most appealing one because of the aesthetic that it brings to a room. These are hanging chairs hung from ropes or chains that are attached to ceiling hooks. Chairs of this kind provide a wide range of movement, giving you the nostalgic feeling of swinging outdoors.


Where should you place swinging chairs?

Hanging chair placement is tricky, especially if you have a tiny home. First, you must check if the area you would want to place your chair can accommodate and provide extra space for movement. The area beside the chair must have a distance of at least 14 inches and at least 3 feet behind it.

Hanging chairs must be away from windows or any furniture that may be damaged when you swing back-and-forth or side-to-side, or any objects that may injure you when you turn. Although a hanging chair with a stand only takes up a small area in your home, it is still better to place it in a safe space.


Are swinging chairs worth it?

If you have kids or you want a swinging chair of your own, it would be worth it to buy one. Aside from giving a nice touch of vintage or bohemian in your room’s aesthetic, hanging chairs provide a great sense of relaxation and comfortability.

Chair types such as these are significant areas for reading a book or drinking coffee. You may place these on your patio, balcony, living room, or your bedroom. Hanging chairs that have stands are also great on rooftops.




Ropes or chains

Some swinging chairs come with cords or chains, but you may use galvanized chains that are heavy-duty in a case where they don’t. When you prepare a pre-measures chain or rope, make sure that the chair hangs 3 to 4 feet above the ground and consider an extra measure for tying the knots.


Electric drill

Use an electric drill that should not be cracking the area around the drilled hole.


Chain connectors

These can either be a quick link, locking carabiners, or S-hooks, depending on which type you would like to use. It is essential to check that these hooks can support at least a weight of 300 pounds.


Hanging hardware

Provide an eye screw that’s 3/8-inches. Just like the chain connectors, this must also hold at least a weight of 300 pounds, including a thread that has at least 4 inches in length.


Any hanging chair of your choice

Make sure to pick the right hanging chair so you won’t regret it in the long run.


Steps On Hanging A Swinging Chair

Step #1. A ceiling joist with at least a 2×6 inch measurement ensures that the ceiling can support the weight of both the person sitting and the chair. For covered porch ceilings, you can use a stud finder to locate joists.

Step #2. Drill a 3-inch pilot hole in the center of your joist mark. You must make sure that the drill bit is smaller than the width of the screw that you are using.

Step #3. Carefully install the screw to the pilot hole to avoid splitting the wood. Twist the screw until you can no longer see the threads. You may use a screwdriver to wedge the screw, making it tighter.

Step #4. You may now attach a locking carabiner or S-hook to the eye screw that you installed.

Step #5. While holding one end of the rope, please attach it to the hanging device of the chair, and attach the other end to the hook or carabiner. If the manual didn’t provide instructions on tying a knot that can secure your chair, you might do a basic double-bowline knot.


Hanging or swinging chairs are great additions to any style of the house. When you know how to hang a swinging chair on your own, you will be able to impress your guests with the modern or retro design that these chairs show. Swinging chairs indeed give relaxation and are elegant additions to any house aesthetic.

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