How To Get Rid Of Bed Bug Stains? 5 Easy Ways To Clean Your Sheets!

Do your bedsheets got dark spots because of bed bugs and pondered, “how to get rid of bed bug stains?”

Bed bugs leave dark smears on your mattresses, pillows, or blankets.

how to get rid of bed bug stains

To remove these stains, you might need to wash them with cold water for lighter spots.

And detergent with stain remover mixture for heavier ones.

Bed bugs are a type of parasitic insects that feed on the blood of humans.

This results in them having a reddish swelling body.

Even though these bugs feed on human blood.

They do not cause some diseases but may affect one’s health if it keeps on feeding on them.

These bed bugs hide in your mattresses, bed frames, or any tiny spaces of your bed.

When people are asleep, bed bugs go out of their hiding places and bite them unnoticed.

Causing an itchy mark on any exposed skin of an individual.

Seeing stains on your sheets is a sign of bed bugs infestation.

It is a sign that you have to check your bed area for any bed bugs and eliminate them immediately.

Once you control the infestation of bed bugs, clean your sheets stained with bed bug excrements.


Ways To Get Rid Of Bed Bug Stains

Finding bloodstains and tiny dark specks on your bedsheets is a sign that there are bed bugs that lurk in your bed’s small spaces.

You have to get rid of bed bugs first to avoid getting your sheets stained after cleaning them.

Once you’ve completely eradicated the blood-sucking insects.

Wash all of your sheets, whether it has stains or not.

For the sheets with dark spots, here are five simple ways how to get rid of bed bug stains.


Way #1. Materials needed

To clean your bedsheets, you will need a washer, dryer, detergent, bleach.

Also hydrogen peroxide, ammonia, and stain remover.

If you will hand wash your sheets, use a large basin instead of a washer and dryer.

You may also find a more spacious area to wash these sheets because laundering them requires a lot of time, effort, and space.


Way #2. Gathering your laundry

Collect all sheets that were exposed to bed bugs and separate them by color and type of fabric.

There might still be bed bugs on your sheets.

So, use some chemicals that may exterminate them to remove them from the linen entirely.

When getting rid of bed bugs from one of the sheets.

You may temporarily place the other sheets on a large plastic bag.

And seal them tightly to prevent them from escaping and going back to their hiding places.


Way #3. Treating the stains

After eliminating the bugs from your sheets, clean the organic stains caused by bed bugs with cold water.

If you saw some heavy stains on your bedsheets.

Treat it directly with a stain remover and leave it for no more than 30 minutes before washing it.


Way #4. Washing your sheets

On your washing machine, add a typical amount of bleach and detergent to the cold water.

Add your linens and run the machine in a complete cycle.

Once the cycle has finished, inspect the linens for remaining spots.

If any present stains are left, put hydrogen peroxide and ammonia into them.

Not leaving them on the sheets for more than 15 minutes to prevent unnecessary damage.

Remember that hydrogen peroxide and ammonia could lighten the color of sheets.

To prevent the sheets from lightening, make sure to apply equal parts of these chemicals.

Directly to the blotches and wipe them out after using a clean rag until completely gone.


Way #5. Drying the sheets

As soon as you finished washing the sheets, hang them outside to dry.

Keep the sheets away from direct sunlight and heat to prevent them from any damage.

If there is no enough area for you to air-dry the fabric, you may use a dryer set in the lowest heat.

Moreover, if the sheets have dried already, inspect the sheets once again for any stains left.

If there are still light marks of bed bug stains found on them.

Repeat the process, and the blots will presumably be gone.

Nevertheless, with or without bed bug stains, always wash your sheets regularly to keep it clean.

It also helps prevent bed bugs.

That is all.



Bed bugs could be troublesome, especially when it already causes you some itch marks and stains your sheets.

And when it comes to laundering the sheets, it requires more patience and work.

Because these are relatively harder to wash than just the regular laundry that includes your clothes.

Nevertheless, always keep in mind to eliminate the bed bugs from your bed before washing your sheets.

Since washing off the bed bug stains will be ineffective.

When you have already removed the stains from your sheets and placed a new one on your bed.

They will still get dark blots because the bed bugs are still there, lurking in the tiniest area of your bedroom.

So overall, if you had trouble on how to get rid of bed bug stains on your sheets.

I hope that this article has helped you solve your problem.

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