How To Reset Air Conditioner? 5 Easy Steps!

How to reset air conditioner? There are five easy steps below on how to reset your air conditioner. However, all steps may vary depending on if your air conditioner unit has a reset button or not.

In the middle of summer, the worst thing that could happen to you is a broken air conditioner.

How to reset air conditioner

Owning an air conditioner unit lessens the heat you encountered during extreme temperatures. Without it, you may suffer from severe heat and may sometimes lead to heatstroke. It usually happens in a situation where you are financially unstable. What great timing, right?

However, before hiring a professional, there are several options you may do to fix your air conditioner.

First, it is by resetting it. Discovering how to reset your air conditioner provides you a simple method to restart or reboot your unit if it encounters issues.

A fast reset might fix several air conditioner unit problems, for sure; some types, however, do not have any. If you want to know the steps of how to reset your air conditioner, keep on reading!


Steps To Reset Your Air Conditioner With A Reset Button

An air conditioner with a reset button is very convenient and easy to operate. It only takes few steps.

Here are the following steps to answer the question “How to reset air conditioner?”


Step #1. Locate the reset button

The first step is to locate the reset button.

You can find this tiny and bright red button on almost every device.

If you cannot seem to see it, check the handbook for your air conditioner to discover.


Step #2. Unplug

Unplug your air conditioner for at least 15 seconds before plugging it back in.


Step #3. Press and hold the reset button

Next, press and hold the reset button for about three seconds before releasing it.

If the device does not turn on, repeat the procedure.


Step #4. Find your circuit breaker

Look for your circuit breaker box and try turning the one linked into the air conditioner.

By this time, your device must be working well.


Step #5. Check if it is working

To confirm, observe the coolness produced by your air conditioner.

If you felt it is working the same way as before, then the resetting was successful.


Steps To Reset Your Air Conditioner Without A Reset Button

Sometimes, you will encounter unexpected problems and malfunction of your air conditioner. Thus, you need to either troubleshoot it or reset it.

If your air conditioner has a reset button that is usually bright red and visible, you push it and expect the issue will go away. However, if your air conditioner does not have any reset button, you can manually reset it by following these five easy steps:


Step #1. Turn off the air conditioner

The first thing you need to do is to turn off or switch down your air conditioner unit. Make sure to do it before you start resetting the thermostat.

Before resetting the thermostat, switch off the air conditioner. To locate the cutoff button of the air conditioner, check your owner’s handbook for instructions and restrictions.

Ensure that you turned off the thermostat before the actual turn of the air conditioner itself. It is vital to ensure your safety and avoid possible danger when operating on your air conditioner.


Step #2. Identify and determine the location of your circuit breaker box

The next step is to determine the position of your circuit breaker box. You can usually find it in the closets, basements, and the like. After you find the circuit breaker box, switch it off.


Step #3. Patiently wait for 60 seconds

Wait for about 60 seconds after turning to shut down your circuit breaker connected to the air conditioner unit. Set your timer using your phone for 1 minute and then turn on the air conditioner.

It is a smart option to notify everybody in your family that you will reset the breakers as a precaution. If you failed to inform them, they would maybe be in danger.


Step #4. Power on your air conditioner

Wait for additional 60 seconds. The air conditioner will automatically reset after 1 minute. Then, return to your thermostat and turn on the air conditioner.


Step #5. Check if it is working

After you have done those steps, confirm is your unit is working or not.

To verify, switch the thermostat to the temperature you desire and wait for a couple of minutes.

If the device will cool and work the same way you expected, your air conditioner unit will work again.

However, if resetting the unit will not fix the problem, go to air conditioning services to help you.



Resetting helps you solve temporary problems that happened in your air conditioner unit.

It is one of the best options before actually asking for help from experts or professionals.

The steps on resetting your unit vary if it has a reset button or not. Thus, check your manual and device first before following the steps stated above.

That is all for the topic “How to reset air conditioner?”

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