How To Get Out Of A Pest Control Contract: 3 Helpful Tips

Other than the pests themselves, there’s also knowing how to get out of a pest control contract that’s an awkward setup to be in. Regardless of the reason, a contract will surely make you scratch your head, figuring out how to get out properly.

Pests on their own can cause too much stir and even a sudden need to visit a doctor. They’re unsanitary to have around, carry many possible disease-causing microbes, and are unpleasant to look at.

how to get out of a pest control contract

Plus, if a guest sees them in your house, they might think you’re a tad irresponsible.

These reasons are why when we see pests of any kind, we almost automatically dial for pest control. The problem is when this is done hastily, without prior knowledge, it puts you in a tight spot once you’ve signed legal documents.


Tips For Canceling A Pest Control Contract

Whether it’s because the service was inadequate, the visit caused asset damage, or you’re considering a new provider, it’s not simple to cancel a pest control contract. Legally, you can’t just say you don’t want their service anymore, refuse to pay, or go awol to avoid responsibility.

Contracts vary from large to minute extent with each other; it’s how a loan contract is far from your work contract. You get the picture.

You might be thinking, then contracts imposed by pest control businesses seem shady since you’re made to give your word when it might be your first time hearing of them. In the case of pest controls, they tend to use contracts to assure that they can exterminate the pests within a time frame that you’re willing to pay for.

If you want to cancel your contract with a pest control provider, here are some things you should keep in mind.


1. Review your agreement papers

The most crucial part of a contract is the terms to which you sign as a form of agreement. When you first meet with the service provider, they may have explained to you how their business works persuasively.

However, once you decide to commit to their service, they would provide you with detailed written terms of the agreement. This specifies all the coverage, limitations, and validity of their service. 

While contracts vary, most contracts made for pest termination agreements specify the number of things that a certain company is and is not responsible for during the extermination. For example, it can specify whether they are liable for any lost or damaged item during their visit.

You must have a copy of this document upon signing. You can now look through such documents whether the reason you want to cancel your subscription falls within what the company allows to be free of charge.

Read this article discussing what is pest control, for a thorough understanding of your situation.


2. Check the validity of your contract

Once you have the legal documents in hand, you need to check the validity (like expiration date) of your contract. Since pest control rarely does single-visit exterminations, subscription to their service is usually contracted on an annual basis.

If you’re lucky, your complaints may come in a time just before you renew the contract for another year (that is you’ll sign a new contract to avail their service for another year). In such a case, then you are free to find a new pest control company after informing them that you will no longer renew your agreement.

However, if the contract is still valid, it would probably require you to pay the remaining service period that they had earlier specified. Some companies would allow you to cancel the subscription but require a cancellation charge.


3. Seek legal counsel

If the reason for your cancellation and contract validity doesn’t allow for the immediate halting of the service, then you need to talk to an attorney. While you are not prohibited from terminating a contract as you please, contracts are capable of binding you with a financial responsibility upon termination.

While it would seem unfair, this is typically used to protect the business from going bankrupt, after all, costs may have already been incurred at the start of your agreement. Other than covering the losses, these charges can also allow the company to have a bit of profit.

Terms for charges upon contract termination vary for every company and even for every client. You need to sit down with proper counsel and thoroughly discuss the contract for a peaceful resolution of the issue.

Though getting counsel can incur more expense for you, it’s beneficial to know what your rights and responsibilities are, as well as how you can demand reparations in case there’s damage dealt with in your place.

In the case that you don’t own the place of concern, here’s an article about who is responsible for pest control in a rental property.

Contracts are binding documents that serve as evidence that you and the other party have agreed to certain conditions at a specific time. They are quite powerful tools for different justice systems so you must always document them well and understand their content.



We’ve given you an idea of how to get out of a pest control contract and how troubling it can get. It should highlight how important it is to be familiar with all agreements you get into, especially intrusive services like pest control.

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